Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In the Spirit

Last night we went over to the Science Museum where they have a wonderful display of Christmas lights. You drive through most of it so you can see all the lights but they have a whole Winter Wonderland area as well. It was so much fun to take Brooke and really get in the spirit of Christmas!

Christmas with the Forster's

Last weekend we went to my sisters house in Atlanta to celebrate Christmas with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin. We had such a great time and the kids entertained us so much!! We miss you all and cannot wait to see you next month! Racing from the kitchen to the family room!
Run, Run, Run!!
Beautiful Adelyn!
Cutie Pie Caden!
Brooke sitting in her new rocking chair...she LOVES this chair! It's so cute to see her rocking now with her blanket.
Girls just a rocking...all they need is some sweet tea!
Family pic!
Uncle Kurt and Nana helping the kids!
The 3 rocking precious!
Uncle Devin and all the cousins!
Uncle Kurt with his new fishing hat...
Jill modeling Justin's new hunting hat!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brooke's 2 Year Doctor Appt

We went last week for her 24 month appointment and all went well. The doctor was very happy with her development and I was just in amazement at how much she has grown up in the past couple of months. Usually the minute the doctor comes in the room she gets nervous and her lips start to quiver. Plus, the screaming follows quickly after. This time she was running around the room in just her diaper and would smile at him and to be honest, was kind of flirting with him!?? It was so amazing though to watch her trust him as he checked her heart, ears, etc.. Our little girl is growing up. We are so proud of her.

I have not been one to really keep track of her growth (as long as the doc says all is okay then I go by that) but I knew I would want to look back and know all of her stats at this time.

Weight- 24.8 lbs. (26.32%)
Height- 33.5 inches (42.26%)
Head Cir- 18.7 (50.03%)

Our little growing angel...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pop Pop's and Mom Mom's Christmas Visit

Dad and Edie came to visit us the 1st weekend of December and we had such a great visit. They got to go to a birthday party with Brooke and got a chance to visit our church. We ate lots of yummy food and enjoyed spending quality time together. Brooke misses her Mom Mom and Pop Pop so much! Playing with a new bath toy they gave her... Pop Pop was determined to play the song!
Brooke hanging with Pop Pop before bed.
Eating half of Mom Mom's donut..YUM!!
Having fun with Mom Mom at the ice cream shop!
Petting Roxy... Mom Mom was so good to Roxy.


Some families decide every year to go to a tree farm to cut down their beautiful big one but every year we decide to go to the local tree place (ya know the ones where people haul in trees!).Every year we have the best time doing it because it takes us about 30 minutes (at most) and then we head home quickly to get it in the house and decorated. I love this tradition of getting the tree and kicking off the holidays!! Standing in front of the one we took home!
Our tree and my Mom's on top!! I know, I know...dorky picture but we had too. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Brooke's 2nd Birthday!

We celebrated Brooke's birthday with family and friends at our house. The theme was Winnie the Pooh since Brooke loves all the characters from that movie. It was so much fun to celebrate with everyone and we just cannot believe our baby girl is already 2 years old!! What a wonderful 2 years it has been. Luke and Brooke having a dinner date during the party eating their pizza. :)
Jill, Aunt Judy, and Uncle Kurt having fun!
Mom played songs for everyone to sing. Brooke liked to be in the center of all the attention!
PRESENTS!.. She has been asking for more ever since. Thank goodness Christmas is around the corner!
Aunt Lisa and Brooke opening her princess shoes!

Monday, November 23, 2009

1st Major BOO BOO

Brooke has skinned her knees countless times but this was the 1st major boo boo she has had. She was standing on a curb and for some reason leaned over to get something and fell off head first into the concrete. It was heartbreaking to see her nose bleeding so much. No stitches, it was more of a brush burn. Poor thing but she has been such a trooper about keeping medicine on it.

FSU/Clemson Weekend

This is the 2nd year that my college friends and I have met up for the FSU/Clemson game. Last year we went to Tallahassee and this year everyone headed here since we are about 45 minutes from Clemson. Cori, Brooke, Justin, and Emily (their daughter) are my college friends that made it and my best friend from high school ironically went to Clemson. So...Amy came down from PA and her friend Jessica from Clemson all stayed here and we went to the game! Such a great weekend...miss having all you girls around. LOVE YOU!! Pete (Scott's great friend from college) and Brooke...oddly enough the Thursday night before everyone came in town Pete was in town for the night because he had been hunting in South Carolina all week. It was so fun seeing him and he and Brooke have such a special bond.

Cori and I downtown on Friday...

Brooke, Justin, and Emily!! She's a doll!

Amy and I...miss you.

Brooke and I ... miss you too.

Mom Mom Suz and John John's Visit plus Halloween

Halloween was so much fun this year!! It happened in 2 parts. The 1st part was Melaina's 2nd birthday Halloween dress up party and the 2nd part was actual Halloween day in which Mom Mom Suz and John John were here!! We had such a great time just hanging out when they were here. We miss them so much and Brooke had such a blast with them!!

Brooke dressed up as Dorothy ready to head over to Melaina's fun party!!
B and Melainia (the Scarecrow)!
Daddy and his girl...
Brooke, Melaina, Luke, and Thomas...all the Wizard of Oz!! This was hilarious trying to take this picture. You can tell they weren't so happy about it.
All the Moms and these girls!! We get together once a week and have been for awhile. So fun!
Trying to recreate "Yellow Brick Road" with them running...they were chasing after us!
Arts and crafts with my girl...
Had to take a pic of her sparkly pretty feet. :)
Munching on their cupcakes!
All over her face!
Swinging with Mommy!
Mom Mom Suz and John John are here!! YEAH!!
Suz with a handsome statue downtown! Isn't she so pretty!!
The happy couple!
Miss B wanted to pose next to a statue as well...
Halloween night back in her costume!
Down at the end of our neighborhood where the parade starts. Love this picture of them!
Family pic!

The fire truck kicks off the parade. Brooke loved the fire truck but didn't like getting too close!
My loves...
Brooke playing with one of the many birthday toys Mom Mom Suz and John John gave her!!
Her new tent and tunnel...she LOVES it!
Watching the World Series...too bad the Phillies lost. :( We had such a great time with them here. Thanks again for coming and cannot wait to see you soon. LOVE YOU!!