Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Brooke's 1st Christmas 2007

Our most recent family portrait.....we can't exclude us, she wouldn't have that.
Christmas with Nana at her house on Christmas Day. She hosted a fantastic feast.
Mom Mom Sus and John had a great time playing with Brooke!
Pop Pop and Mom Mom had Brooke dressed in the season with her outfit and hat.
Brooke in her PJs from Pop Pop and Mom Mom that match Caden and Adelyn's he sent all 3.

Waiting for Santa.
Still waiting.....

Wow! What a wonderful Christmas this year... Brooke got to spend lots of time with Nana, Mom Mom Sus, John John, Aunt Katie, Uncle Tony, Mom Mom, and Pop Pop. Brooke received the cutest Christmas outfits from Aunt Judy, Uncle Kurt, Aunt Katie, Uncle Tony, Mom Mom and Pop Pop, Carole McAbee, and Ellie Biedler. We dressed her up everyday leading up to Christmas to showcase every outfit! So much fun...