Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Play Time!

Lisa, Devin, and the kids came over from Atlanta yesterday to spend the day with us! We played HARD all day here at the house and had a blast! I love seeing the kids together...Lisa, Devin, Scott, and I had to fit in some Wii playing time...we were laughing so hard. It was so good to see them. The Whalen family!
My loves...

Go Caden!
Adelyn wanted Lisa to go FASTER!
High fiving my man Caden!
Adelyn LOVES to swing!
The boys were playing lacrosse...

Caden looks like a natural!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Brooke and Melaina

I took these shots the other day when Candace and Melaina were over. Brooke and Melaina have formed such a sweet bond and are so funny together. They were fighting over who was going to sit in the chair....Melaina realized she could still sit there even if Brooke was there too!
Sweet smile... tooth #3 just broke through!

Let us out of here!! They wanted to go play outside...

I love this one of them laughing... they just adore each other.

I'm sure we were trying to distract them from banging on the window.. hee hee

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exciting Day and Update on Brooke

I am sitting here watching the news while Brooke is sleeping and just thinking about what a great day today is. I have chills just watching all of the inauguration activities going on...I am proud to be an American.

I have been pretty slack lately about taking photos so I figured I would give a little update as of what Brooke is up to these days. She is certainly keeping me busy and I'm finding it harder and harder to get things done during the day!

- She is very picky right now with what she is eating...not loving most foods. I don't think that she gets it yet that food is DELICIOUS. Her favorite foods are oranges, oatmeal, yogurt, waffles, and gerber crunchies. She requests the crunchies pretty much with every meal. Hey, we all have our favorites, right?!
- She has 1 1/2 teeth. She got her 1st tooth about 3 weeks ago and the 2nd one is coming in. I think more are too.. she's been waking up at night upset. Not used to this..she has never teethed before!
- She took 2 steps by herself the other day and is trying her hardest to walk. She goes everywhere with her walker. I just love watching her walk around!
- Words she is saying: bye, baby, doggie, ball, apple, mommy, daddy, and trying to say Roxy...can't say the "R". She roars like a lion and barks like a dog when she sees a picture of either one of them.
- Loves her bellybutton and constantly wants to look at mine. :)
- Is definitely more sensitive than she used to be... she gets upset easily right now..I'm hoping that is just from the teething. :)
- Is obsessed with Roxy...she just wants to touch and grab her tongue all the time. I know...lovely.
- Loves playing with her best friend, Melaina. They have such a sweet bond and it's been really neat to watch them get to know each other.
- Loves 2 books right now... I can't read them enough. One is an ABC book and the other is all about Dogs.
- Won't keep her shoes and socks on in the car. She loves to take both off and then suck on her socks while we drive. It's a nice present for me when I go to get her out of the car. I need to remember to bring extra socks everywhere.
- Loves to feed her baby doll. It's the cutest thing ever.
- Is becoming much more cuddly...there is no better feeling than getting hugged by my child.
- She is getting upset when Scott goes to work...not fun. Makes my heart sink.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!

We were back in G-ville for New Years and celebrated with Candace and Tom! My Mom kept Brooke while we had a night out on the town. Yummy sushi, great conversations, and lots of laughter. What better way to kick off a new year?!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Greenville Zoo with Nana

These were taken the week of New Years when my Mom was in town. We headed to the Zoo one afternoon.. so fun! Brooke kept wanting to wear Nana's glasses..
I love the zoo here because you can really see all the animals up close.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas in PA

We celebrated the week of Christmas back in Pennsylvania and had such a great week. We stayed with Katie and Tony (Scott's sis and her husband). They were wonderful hosts and made us feel at home the whole week. Thank you again for everything!! The week went by fast but it was so great to see everyone... we miss you all so much!! Brooke with Katie and Tony soon after we had arrived to PA... after our 10 hour car ride!
Scott and I at Katie and Tony's christmas party that night!

Amy and I at the partay!!
My high school girls at Lauren's house for our annual pollyanna! I miss the girls SOOOO much. Love you!

Hanging out with my goddaughter, Kaitlyn (Amy's daughter)... she has changed so much since I saw her last. I miss her so much.

All the kiddos at Laurie's house to play. So much fun seeing them all together.
In the back: Luke Stillman and Lillie Falcon
Front: Dalton Fichter, Brooke, and Ava Taraborelli

Brooke loving the pony at Laurie's house!

Dalton and Brooke playing on christmas eve...he is SO cute!

Christmas Eve at the O'Connells. This is a great family tradition that Scott and his family have done every year for a long time. Lisa, Vince, and their son, Tyler, were in town from Pittsburgh. It was great to see them and get to meet Tyler in person!
Mom Mom Suz and John playing with Brooke
The crew on Christmas Eve
Mom Mom Suz and Brooke on Christmas morning. They were excited that Santa came!

Waiting for Mom Mom and Pop Pop to arrive!

Yeah! So glad we got to see them...yet so jealous they went to the Eagles/Dallas game that Sunday!

Brooke with Matt and Ali Murphy...they were in town from San Diego