Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Day

We had a great day in Atlanta with my sister and her family! The kids played hard and we had an awesome meal my Mom made!! Thanks for such a great day, Lisa and Devin!!

Nana with all her Grandkids!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday Parties and Sunny Days!

We have realized that we shouldn't tell Brooke about an upcoming birthday party until the day of (or maybe the night before to get her to go to bed easier!) because we will be asked ALL day when we're going!! She LOVES birthday parties and cannot wait to sing happy birthday and eat that good ole b-day cake!! (I don't blame her..nothing better than some pizza and birthday cake!). We all went to Luke's 3rd birthday party and Brooke had a blast! It was a kindermusik party so a teacher led them in different music activities and then they played for awhile afterwards. We all had fun catching up with all our friends and seeing the kids have so much fun.

Afterwards we spent the day outside as a family and had such a good time. We pushed the girls on the swings, played out front, and then our good friends came down for a couple of hours to hang out that night. What a great day... B and I playing during the party!

BUBBLES! Not going to lie.. I totally got in there too..had to pop some bubbles!

Mommy and Presley! She is a trip...she makes us laugh all the time!

Just a swangin....

Our big girl...
Our little girl...

Little munch...

Forever Friends

One of my closest friends, Laurie, came to visit 2 weekends ago. I have known Laurie since 6th grade and her friendship has always meant so much to me. We have so much fun together and can talk so freely and easily about anything and everything!! She has 3 beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband, whom she left for 4 days to come and visit me! I tried to make that weekend as relaxing and fun as I could because I know how precious that time is while you are away!! We had a great time of going out to dinner, hanging with my kids, eating yummy BBQ, exercising, and a wild girls night out! I had talked to my girlfriends here about all of us gals going out on the town that Saturday night and there ended up being 9 of going out! Saw a great honky tonk band, hit the new local bar hotspot, and had an adventurous ride home....HAHA..SO fun! Laur- thanks so much for coming to visit and we all miss you so much!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mama's going back to work...

and ohhhhh I am SO EXCITED!! I now own my own company here in Greenville and I am SO excited I cannot even contain myself! Scott and I now own the rights to this entire area for Stroller Strides (my legal business name is Garrett Fitness, LLC). Stroller Strides is a great workout that Moms can do with their children in the stroller. I will be teaching Mon,Wed,Fri at one of the most beautiful parks here in the area! I have an awesome instructor who will be teaching on Tues/Thurs as well! The classes are an hour long and will be held outdoors unless the weather doesn't permit. My Grand Opening is May 4th and I cannot wait for that day to get here!! I have had so much interest so far and am thrilled to meet new people and take my children to work with me (they will be in my double jogger while I teach)!! Wish me luck!! (I will keep you updated as we go...) Had to share these pics....Presley is so pumped for the class, she just couldn't contain herself..had to get her outfit all ready! :)