Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lisa's Visit Days 4 & 5

Day 4: We met Dad and Edie at McDonald's so the kids could play and we could eat. They came through town on their way to Ocean City, MD. Lisa and Caden followed them down to OC while Adelyn and Mom came with us to Laurie's daughter, Emilia, 1st birthday party!! Dad, Edie, and Brooke...
Dad, Edie, and Adelyn...

Pop Pop and Brooke having fun! Cute Caden!

On to the birthday party!!
Amy, Kaitlyn, Lauren, and Dalton!

Adelyn is partying! Brooke and Adelyn in their matching outfits that Nana got them.
Brooke and Lillie (Laurie's oldest daughter!)

All Brooke needs is her sweet tea to go along with her rocker...

Nana, Adelyn, and Brooke having fun with the balloons! Emilia...the birthday girl!!
Carlye, Trey, Kaitlyn, and Amy having fun!
Dalton loved this ball! Nana and Brooke playing...
Scott and Adelyn on the playground...
Daddy's girl...
Day 5: We went over to Katie and Tony's house and played in their beautiful pool. So much fun!!
Ahhhhhhh.....the sun!
This was her after swimming attire...

Lisa and kids come to PA!!!

My sister, Lisa, and her 2 children, Caden and Adelyn, came into town to visit last Wednesday and are staying for a week!! We are having the best time...the cousins are loving each other!

Day 1: Mom picked them up and we met back at her house. We hung out there for the day and just got everyone situated and just played!!

Day 2: Lisa came over that morning and hung out with Brooke and I. We all met up that night a great park in Mom's neighborhood. These are some pics from the park.
Brooke would swing all day if she could...
Adelyn just hanging out!
Adelyn having fun on the playground!

Day 3: We took the kids to the Elmwood Park Zoo. What a great place for children. It was just the right size for the kids not to get too bored or tired. It was such a hot day out but we had such a good time!
Caden was asleep for the 1st 30 minutes or so!
Adelyn and I on the playground...
Lisa, Brooke, and the pretty goat!!
Mom, Lisa, and Brooke!
Check out this porcupine sleeping!
Look who woke up!
Sweetest little ones...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brooke's 1st Trip to the Beach!

What a great vacation!! Scott's mom, Susanne, and her boyfriend, John, rented a condo at Bethany Beach for 2 weeks. We went for 5 days along with Scott's brother (Jamie), Katie, and Tony. We had beautiful weather and it was so much fun just hanging out as a family. We don't get to see each other as often as we would like. Brooke was fantastic down there. We were so happy that she liked the beach, pool, and fell in love with the swings!! This was her 1st time on the beach...she took a little snooze first!
Scott taking her for a dip...
Family pic....
Morning coffee on the bay...ahhhh.......
I love summertime!
She would be happy to swing all day long.
Happy hour at the Rusty Rudder!
The gang at the Rudder!
Uncle Tony's shoes...she loved the strings!
Hanging with Uncle Jamie.

He cracked her up all weekend.
Snuggles... I love this sweet face so much.
Dinner at Harpoon Hannah's.
This booster seat is the best purchase we ever made. She will sit all through dinner and just play!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Hello everyone! Since it's Father's Day, I have asked Laura to take the helm to share these great pictures on what was a great first Father's Day. Brooke, Laura, and I enjoyed the day just hanging out. Laura ordered us some t-shirts: "Pint & Half Pint". We both love to drink our milk.
Brooke was all smiles on the blanket in the back yard.
Here she is with her favorite toy.
I was gardening and Brooke was keeping a close eye on my work. She was giving me some planting advice!
Just another great picture of Miss B from Laura. We are going to love having all of these in the future.
Mom Mom Suz's cowboy hat on late last week....thought y'all would enjoy this one.
Here is Brooke after cereal and mashed carrots...yummm..... :)