Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Picking

Today we went up to Flat Rock, North Carolina to visit the Sky Top Orchard to go apple picking! They had pretty much every type of apple one may want. We were searching for the Gala apples but they were almost all picked over and the heat had gotten to most of them. So, we ended up picking Granny Smith apples instead. Brooke was not so into it at first and then once she got into picking the apples off the tree, she was unstoppable! She picked and ate and picked and was so much fun watching her in the trees having a blast.

This was taken this morning before we got dressed to go. Presley is smiling so much and is doing great with holding her head up. She is growing up WAY TOO FAST.

Sweet girl. I'm having a blast with her hair because it is naturally curly! Brooke nor I have an ounce of curl in our hair so I love playing around with Presley's.
The fam...
The camel hauling his luggage... :)
Me, Nana, and P
I didn't realize Presley couldn't see anything..OOPS... hee hee

Getting started...
She's got it!
And eating some more!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

School and Dance Class

Brooke's teacher sent me this picture that she has taken with her iPhone while the kiddos were playing outside. My precious girl...

Brooke started dance class this week and absolutely loved it. She asked me if the girls in her class could come home with us when she walked out of the class!! She was showing Nana and Daddy her new moves last night. They do ballet for the 1st part of the class and then switch to tap for the 2nd part. They will have a big recital with the rest of the dance studio in June. Is it sad that I'm already SO excited for that?!!

We went to lunch after her dance class to celebrate!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Airplanes and Mom Mom and Pop Pop's Visit!

Labor Day weekend was absolutely beautiful here!! There was a coolness in the air in the mornings and the sun shined so brightly that all we wanted to do was be outside. There are 2 airports in Greenville, one is for commercial flights and one is for small, private commuter planes. We went to the small airport on Sunday and had lunch at the new cafe they just opened. It was such a fun place to go for us adults and for the kiddos. They had a plane you could get in and then the kids could also watch the planes taking off and landing. Such a neat concept to have the restaurant right on the runway!

My Dad and Edie came on Monday and we ended up taking them back there to hang out! There was a model airplane show going on so we just watched those and got a chance to visit. After that we headed to our neighborhood pool for the last time this summer. Boo.. but it was GREAT to see them and Brooke had a blast playing with them!! Me testing out the plane....not quite sure I would want to be riding in it though!

Scott, Brooke, and Melaina checking out the scenery!
Presley and Clara enjoying the view as well. :)
Attempting to get a family picture!
The girls!
Mom Mom and Pop Pop with their girls!
Such a cute picture of Mom Mom and Presley!
Pop Pop and P!
Coloring outside....I think Mom Mom was having just as much fun as B was!
Playing puzzles..
At the airport....

Sweet face...
Presley slept to the sound of planes...
At the pool that night!

Babies, babies, babies!!

It has been such an exciting summer with so many new babies around us!! It was so much fun being pregnant with so many friends and now to meet all the new little bundles! We got to meet Patrick and Fallon's precious little girl, Kesely, this past weekend! I also got to meet Julie's baby boy, William. He is so adorable and looks just like his big brother, Thomas! Patrick and Scott...these girls have them wrapped already!!
Fallon and I...2 proud Mama's!
Candace, Carrie, and I visiting Julie and William in the hospital. Side Note: Candace had Clara the day after Presley was born and Carrie is due in January!! SO FUN!

Proud Parents

I walked into Brooke's classroom on Thursday and there was this on the wall. She was "Artist of the Week"!! I was so proud of her giraffe that she drew and just so proud of her in general. Everyday I am proud to be her Mommy!! Of course I had to take a picture with her and her teacher of this moment!

Presley's 2 month visit

Presley had her 2 month check up last week and everything went great! She is smiling so much now and just cooing away!! Below is her growth chart:
Weight: 10.69 pounds (50% percentile)
Length: 23 inches (75% percentile)
Head: 15 inches (35% percentile)

Dodgeball and Birthday Surprises

A couple of weeks ago was the annual dodge ball tournament between our neighborhood and a few others in the area. The Dad's play and each neighborhood comes up with their own team name. This year the Dad's wanted to be "The Love Handles". Yep, click on the picture to enlarge and you can see they cut out where their love handles are. Too funny!! It is one of my favorite nights because all the families hang out on the grass while the kids run around all over the place. Brooke was playing with all the kids while I just relaxed and chatted with all the fantastic ladies!!

That same weekend Aunt Judy and Sheila came to visit my Mom and to surprise her for her birthday! It meant so much to my Mom to have them here and we LOVED getting to see them and spend time with them. I was so glad that Presley got to meet Sheila and that Aunt Judy got to see her again! Love you both so much!!

Our proud men!
Back of the shirts... "Let it ALL hang out."

Patrick, Scott, and Tom...
Presley amongst all the action. :)
Sheila and Brooke coloring...
Downtown at Mast General Store...too cute!
At Mom's house...the three of them had so much fun together!! Brooke still asked me where they are!
All the ladies went out on Saturday night for dinner!