Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adelyn's Reptile Party!

Our niece, Adelyn, celebrated her 7th birthday on July 8th.  I cannot believe she is 7 already! Feels like yesterday she just a baby.  She had an awesome reptile party at my sister and Devin's house.  They had a reptile guy come in and bring all types of critters.  I have to say that reptiles make me squirm (cannot stand going in the reptile area at the zoo- makes me want to run out screaming) so I stood way back and took some pics but ran inside when the 10 foot Boa constrictor came out! 

The birthday girl!

Nana and Devin's mom (Linda)

Reptile guy!
Aunt Judy, Uncle Kurt, and Jill!!

Sweet baby Bryson! He is seriously the happiest little baby!!

My Aunt, Uncle, and Jill giving Presley her birthday present!

Presley loving her birthday present!
Brooke and Bryson!
Family pic!!

July 4th!

Happy birthday, Presley!! On her actual bday, we had a very low key family day that consisted of playing around the house and going to the pool. That was about it! It was great though to just spend time together:)

Pony Camp

A few weeks ago Brooke went to a 2-day Pony Camp for 4 hours each day.  They rode the horses in the morning (by the way for it being called "pony camp" we learned that they actually rode horses!) and then did arts/crafts after lunch.  I was really surprised with how much she learned about horses and how to groom/ride them.  Definitely a camp she'll do again next year! She loved it!

It was the day before July 4th so they did a little parade with their horses after they painted them!

Brooke and Grace!

The gals walking Gizmo :)
They had painted the horse with fingerpaints and then the instructor helped them wash the horses!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Presley turns 2!

I truly cannot believe that my baby girl has turned 2.  The past 2 years have gone by way too fast.  In some ways I feel like Presley is 2 going on 4...in fact, when I ask her hold old she is, she says "five"!  She wants to be older so bad! I see it everyday when she wants to be doing the exact same things that Brooke is.  I am constantly amazed at her coordination, strength, and will power. She has a great sense of humor and loves to make us laugh. Her facial expressions say a thousand words and she knows she can crack us up with one grin or perch of those precious little lips.  She is testing all boundaries, which sometimes I do find amusing, other times not so much.  She has resorted to biting Brooke when she gets really mad at her (yes we are working on that!).  She is very independent and is loving to get herself dressed and picking out her own clothes.  She does a great job!  She is saying a good amount of words now (we were getting a bit concerned before due to the lack of vocabulary).  I am hearing a new word almost everyday, which we are thrilled about.  She is so cuddly and definitely loves snuggling up to any of us.  I love when she and Brooke snuggle and you can see on her face how much she loves it too. 
For her 2nd birthday party, we had a joint party with Clara for the 2nd year in a row.  Since their birthdays on only a day apart, it works out great.  We had a pool party at our neighborhood pool and had the food/cake in the clubhouse. It was a great time and we all had a blast!!

Some of the kids playing when the party was getting started!

Me and my sis!
Presley and Clara blowing out their candles!

Me and my baby girl! :)

Brooke and her good friend, Grace
Daddy and his girl!

Look at that sweet face!

Loving to swim!

The birthday gals!

Susanne and John's Wedding Weekend

On Saturday, June 23rd, Scott's Mom (Susanne) and John tied the knot! We were so excited to be part of their big day and be able to spend 5 days with his family.  They got married in West Chester, PA and then we went down to Bethany Beach, DE for a couple of days.   It is always so much fun when Scott's whole family gets together. I love them all so much!!

The bride with Katie (Scott's sis) and Amanda (John's daughter)!
The happy couple!!
Scott and his beautiful Mama!
Katie hosted an awesome BBQ the night before the wedding! She set up this great pool for the girls to play in since it was so brutally hot!  They had a blast!
Brooke trying to soak Uncle Bruce!
Steve and Katie (they got married in February)!
Brooke and Aunt Katie!

Presley and Aunt Katie
Mom Mom Suz with her grand kids!
Aunt Marie with Brooke!
Trying to get a family pic!
We stayed at Aunt Linda and Uncle John's while in PA. They are such great hosts and we love staying with them! The girls love them!
Chad and Scott with their gals! Chad and Scott have grown up together since Linda and Susanne have been such close friends for so long.  Chad and Scott consider themselves "cousins". It is always so great to see Chad and his wife Ali. Love them!
Wedding day!! Katie and the beautiful bride!! (I have no pictures of any of us from the actual wedding yet.  Since we were all in the wedding I didn't have my camera! Waiting for pics from the photographer.)
On Sunday morning I got a chance to meet up with my girlfriends.  Laurie and I with 2 of her girls and Brooke!
Love these girls so much!
Down at the beach! The girls did great and loved playing in the sand!
Daddy and Presley
Amanda (John's daughter) and Justin (Justin is an awesome guitar player and singer and sang the ceremony music during the wedding).  So great!

Marie (Scott's cousin) and Brian..they live in Wyoming are are so wonderful to be around!
The newlyweds!
Aunt Barb and Uncle Bruce...live in Wyoming and wish we could see them much more! Love you!
Scott and Brooke!
Scott and Presley having fun in the waves

My sweet gals:)

Was so happy to be able to spend some time with my goddaughter Kaitlyn while down at the beach. She was staying at Amy's parents house for the week for some grandparent time so we met up on the beach and got to play!! She is such a beautiful, sweet, and smart little girl.  Love my K!
On the way to the Baltimore airport we stopped to stretch our legs, etc... caught some pics of Presley running around!