Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Cheer...

What a great Easter!! We went to church with Susanne and John and then headed over to Katie and Tony's for the big Easter feast! They fixed a delicious meal and we had a good time hanging out with everyone. John, Susanne, and John's parents...
Brooke with her Daddy!
Mom bought her beautiful Easter dress!!
Aunt Katie was cracking her up!
She loves Aunt Katie!!
Mama Sus bought her the cutest talking duck!! She didn't know what to think of it!
The great hosts...Kate and Tony!

Before church..a proud Mom! She looks so happy, doesn't she?!! HEE HEE

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Play date with the Girls

Yesterday, our friend, Chrissy Taraborelli, hosted a fantastic lunch/play date at her house. It was so good to see all the girls (Laurie, Lauren, Missy, and Chrissy). It is so much fun to have the kids all together and it's so amazing to see how fast they all grow!! Laurie's oldest daughter, Lillie...she is such a sweetie pie!
Chrissy and Miss Ava!!
Lauren and Dalton!
Missy and Luke!
Laurie and Emilia!
Brooke and I!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Smiles All Around

Last Thursday, Scott and his friend Joe Falcon (Laurie's husband), headed out to Vail, Colorado to ski and visit Scott's brother, Jamie. They had an awesome time skiing, snowboarding, and just hanging out! Meanwhile, back at home, my Mom(Nana) stayed with Brooke and I for the weekend. Scott's Mom (Mama Sus), Brooke, and I spent the day together on Monday. It was a great Grandmother filled weekend for Brooke!! We had so much fun with both of them...

This is her new favorite place to be..... :)
Brooke and Nana!
Just striking a pose for the camera!
Mama Sus was making Brooke laugh so hard! She was screaming with excitement. It was the cutest thing!
She absolutely loved it!
Scott in Vail... hard life, huh?!! :)
Joe and Scott on the mountain...
Joe in the middle of Vail Village...Scott and his bro, Jamie!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

4 Months and Growing...

Getting older means playing with new toys!! She is having a great time with her ExerSaucer...she's starting to push the buttons but I don't think she realizes she is actually doing it!

She had just made the music come on and was so surprised!
Off to downtown West Chester to walk around...

Playing with Scott and I before her bath!
There is some serious thought going on here...
And here too...
Posing for a picture while watching her mobile...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring is almost here!!

Okay, so wintertime feels like it is lasting forever. Brooke and I are ready to be outside ALL the time...hanging at Aunt Katie's pool. :) I know Brooke will be happy when we are outdoors so I don't have this camera in her face all day long!!

Just hanging out in her swing...
She loves snuggling with her blanket.
Of course, sleeping while I'm shopping!

She is loving this seat...I think she feels like a big girl! :)
Trying to get her sitting up on her own!
Not sure what she is fixated on here....

I'm in love with this sweet face...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Below are some shots we've caught over the past couple of weeks.
Roxy was laying right next to Brooke looking at her right before we took this...of course she had to move right when the flash went off!
Glowy is her new favorite friend!
She loves her...
Doesn't she look thrilled to be taking this pic.. :)
Right before her bath...just playing in her crib.Striking a pose...
Mom's friend, Lorraine, made this hat for B. Too stinkin it!

Mom and I couldn't stop laughing when she had it on!