Sunday, April 22, 2012

Laurie's Visit

One of my closest friends from high school came to visit this weekend.  Laurie and I have been friends since 6th grade and still are so close.  She is SO much fun to be around and it was awesome to have a whole weekend of girl time to catch up, shop, eat and enjoy one of the funniest people I know!! Laur- thanks so much for coming again and I cannot wait to see you in June. Love you!!

We went to one of my good friends bday party here in G-ville...these are my awesome neighborhood gals!!

Visit to Mississippi

I grew up in Mississippi until I was in 4th grade.  All of my extended family still live in all different parts of the state. We try to get back there as often as we can because I truly love going back.  It still feels like home when I get there even though things have changed and our families have moved to different towns.  My cousin, Jill, and her husband have recently adopted the most precious baby boy.  I was so anxious to get over to see him and to hold that sweet blessing.  My sister and I decided to take a girls trip over for the weekend and spend some quality time with our relatives.  The day before I left Brooke was dying to go with she packed herself up and jumped in the car with me. She did AWESOME the whole weekend and I was so glad that she was there.  My Aunt Judy and Uncle Kurt have built an amazing location to live.  They have a beautiful lakeside home and my cousin house sits right across the lake where their front porches face each other.  My Dad and Edie came as well and we all got to celebrate Dad's 65th birthday.  My cousin, Hardy, and his wife and 3 children stayed there as well.  It was truly a family weekend and one that I won't ever forget.  I could have sat on Aunt Judy and Uncle Kurt's front porch and rocked in that chair for the rest of my life.  :)

Eating dinner on Friday ... nothing better than grilled burgers!

Celebrating Pop Pop's birthday with Bryson and Brooke!
The happy new parents!
Aunt Judy and Lisa

Mom Mom and B!
Me and my sweet Uncle Kurt
Singing happy birthday!
Lisa and Bryson

Brooke caught her 1st fish! A bass... she and I were so excited!

Uncle Kurt and B fishing....

Brooke trying her 1st sweet tea! (FYI... she didn't like it at ALL!)

Pop Pop and Mom Mom bought Brooke a bulldog (MS State- GO DAWGS!)


We still have not replaced our lense on our camera yet and I'm blaming myself for not taking ANY Easter pictures:( I know, judge if you like...bad Mom.  I have got to get the lense ordered!  My pictures are coming from my phone and from my Mom's these are pictures I took around Easter time :) 
Brooke had her Spring Fling at school where the kids sang 3 songs and we had a Chick-fil-A dinner. It was so much fun and I love getting to see Brooke with her classmates and seeing how much she loves school!!

Going into her school

My sister and her family came into town from Thursday-Saturday of Easter week. We celebrated with them and Mom, Lisa and I had a girls day out! So much fun!

Brooke on George the Train with the cousins!

Princess Hair

I take the girls now to my stylist to get their haircut.  The first time he cut their hair Brooke went first and then Presley.  They both did great and Presley actually sat still so he could cut her a little bob type do.  After he finished Presley's hair, he told Brooke he wanted to curl her hair. She was beyond excited and would not let me wash her hair for 3 days so the curl wouldn't come out! She kept calling the curls "princess hair". :)  They both came with me about a week later to get my hair cut and wanted to wear costumes. P went as Dorothy and B went as Sleeping Beauty..yet again, Brooke got princess hair! 

Sister Love

We have been catching some great moments between the girls and I try to capture the moment when I can.  They certainly have many of moments of "this is mine, not yours" but we will just pretend that that doesn't happen that often. :) Love these little monkeys!!