Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Spunky 18 month old!!

Presley is definitely keeping us on our toes these days! This 18 month age is so much fun in alot of ways and also SO exhausting in others. She is communicating so much more now with constant words such as Mama, Dada, Book (Brooke), baby, milk, ball, eyes, more and a few more that I sometimes cannot make out. I feel like it must be so frustrating for her sometimes to not be able to fully say what she wants to say since they don't have the full language development yet. She will just scream at things when she doesn't know the words!! She and Brooke are playing so much together and of course the sibling fighting has begun. As Brooke is getting better about sharing, Presley is getting worse as we enter the whole 18 month-2 year phase! She is wanting to do everything that Brooke does from drinking out of open cups(and then dumping it all over herself and the floor) to sitting in a booster seat instead of her high chair. Lovely!! I have to say though Presley is a spunky, hilarious, cuddly, full of life and sweet little girl! She loves to smile and to gut laugh so that makes of course can make my day! Love this little girl.... Playing under the table with Brooke!

Loves wearing glasses!

Finally got her hair in a ponytail!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

This and That

Here are some pics from the last few weeks! I'm back to the blogging world again! WOW..that was a hiatus. :)


The month of December was so festive starting off with getting our Christmas tree! It was a gorgeous day out (very mild) and we headed to our favorite place to get it. The girls ran through the rows of trees holding hands and creating such a great memory for Scott and me. Presley would run in fear every time the chainsaw what cut off a tree stump and she would jump in our arms!

Mid-December we headed to Hollywild for our 2nd annual trip to see the wild animals and lights! This place is like no ride through a bunch of lights and then end up in a field of wild animals!! There are enormous cows (seriously the biggest I've ever seen and to be honest, a little freaky), zebras, donkeys, deer and horses. Then we got out of the car and went to see more of the animals that were in the petting zoo. Just as we did last year, we laughed so hard and had a great time!!

Brooke and Nana waiting to see the animals!

Presley was pumped!!

Brooke feeding the camel!

Every year the 1st weekend of December, my Dad and Edie come to visit for Christmas! We look forward to them coming so much and always love seeing them! We had a wonderful time catching up and the kids loved spending time with Pop Pop and Mom Mom! (Camera is not working so only pictures I have are from my phone!)

My Dad and Edie always send our children and my sisters kids matching pajamas to wear the night before Christmas. We all text each other to say Merry Christmas on xmas Eve and it has become a tradition that I look forward too!! I love seeing the new pajamas! This was the text that we sent out on Xmas Eve right before the kids went to bed.

Christmas morning was filled with fun, surprise, love and exhaustion!! :) The girls had a blast with all the new toys! Brooke loved opening her presents and also opening up Presley's too. Presley could have cared less about opening her presents! She would wait for Brooke to open and then check out what she got! So funny... After presents we went to my Mom's house and had a wonderful day with my sister and her family. We ate a delicious meal, the cousins all played, and we all got to catch up. Our new Christmas day tradition is so special to me.

Brooke is very into Barbie's and asked for her big house! She was so excited to see that Santa brought it! :)

One of her other big "wants" was a spider girl costume!! Wallah!....

The day after Christmas, Scott's Mom, (Mama Suz) came to visit for 4 days. We were so happy that she came down and it was so nice to spend such quality time with her. We miss you Mama Suz!!


This year we headed up to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and had fun visiting Scott's family! We had a awesome feast at Katie and Steve's house as they worked so hard to make so many delicious dishes! The weather was great while we were up there so the girls got to play outside with Mama Suz, John John, Aunt Katie, and Steve. They had a blast!! I got a chance to meet up with my close girlfriends for about 3 hours on the Friday morning after T-giving and loved getting to see them and some of their children!! Love you and miss you all so much!!

Thanks so much to Scott's family for having us and doing so much for us! We all had so much fun!!

Our camera is not working so this was the only picture taken (on the airplane) the whole weekend (with my phone!). boo...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brooke's 4th birthday!!

We celebrated Brooke's 4th birthday the weekend before Thanksgiving here at our house! She wanted a princess party so I tackled this venture with having it at our house and she invited 12 other girls. We did our 1st drop-off party so parents left while myself (and 7 other BRAVE moms helped me!) - Thanks again to my girlfriends and family for helping me with this!! The girls came dressed up in their princess outfits and we kicked off the party! The made princess charm necklaces, had their nails painted, had a dance party to a princess DVD, had a crowning ceremony where they received their tiaras and wands, and we finished off with a tea party, pizza, and cupcakes!! The girls had a blast and quite honestly, so did I!!
We are so proud of our big girl! She is such a kind, determined, focused, funny, thoughtful, sensitive, smart, and beautiful person. Brooke, thank you for being the wonderful person that you are and bringing so much joy into our lives. We love you! Homemade cupcakes!

Making the princess charm necklaces!

The girls from her dance class!

Getting their nails painted!

Our big girl!!

Dance party!

Tea party!

Cupcake time!

Family :) Love you girls!

All the girls!

Aunt Judy, Uncle Kurt and Jill made the trip over from Mississippi!!

Presley was in and out of the party with Scott. At the end of the party we headed outside to play and Presley was so excited all day! She loved the party and we had to snap pictures of her too!

Love our baby girl!