Monday, March 28, 2011

Grandmotha and Grandfatha

My Aunt Laura Beth and Steve came into town to stay with my Mom for a week last week. We just love getting to see them (Aunt LB is my Mom's sister) and have so much fun hanging out with them. Brooke cracked us up last time they were in town because she out of the blue called Aunt LB "Grandmotha" and this time was calling Steve "Grandfatha". It makes me laugh so hard because she has been saying it so much since they left too. Steve made us a delicious dinner that consisted of homemade shrimp thai spring rolls and a curry shrimp rice dish. It was YUMMY!!

Pops Comes to Town!

Pops (Scott's Dad) flew in from Texas two weekends ago and it was such a fun weekend! The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had such a great time spending time with each other. The guys having fun with the gals!
Pops and Brooke spending time together... so cute.

Family pic! I think Presley is looking at me wondering why I'm not getting her out of the stroller?!!

Brooke learning to play golf...I love that she is liking to play!!
Can't wait to get her out on the course!
Me and my girl...and the fingers. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wishing you a great day from Snow White and Cinderella!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Many Looks of Presley

The last weekend of February we were so excited that Sheila, Justin, and Aunt Dell drove over from Mississippi! We had a great weekend with them and the weather couldn't have been better.

They got to see a little bit into the world of Presley. The world of smiles, wild hair, lots of drool, lots of spit-up, and honestly the most easy going child I have ever been around. She makes us laugh all the time with her smile, laugh, and general disposition. One hilarious/frustrating thing she does is when someone is feeding her she eats a bite of food and then puts her 2 fingers back in her mouth. AFTER EVERY BITE. Yes, time consuming and very messy. Hence, she pretty much wears bibs all the time. She doesn't mind the mess and in fact is probably just plain ole used to it!

When our family was here they caught these shots below.... Mom and Aunt Dell

Presley playing at Nana's house!

Her bed head! She had just woken up from her nap!

Loving meal time!
Nana, hurry up, will ya?!!

Yep, there they go!

Daddy Love

I have to say that I feel extremely blessed to have a husband who is such a devoted Dad. The moment Scott comes home from work, he is truly all about family. We all play, give baths, read books, puzzles, you name it (right now Scott and Brooke are tiling our master bath!), and just spend time together. I love giving him time with the kids too (and me some Me time!) at some point during the night because they absolutely love being with him and he loves being with them. Presley is crawling everywhere these days and pulling herself up so she is able tobe in the mix more with some of the rough-housing with Scott. She LOVES it and in fact last night showed her first sign of jealously when he was playing with Brooke! Too are some pics I caught last night after he came home from work. I love this man so much.

PS- I realized that next time I photograph Presley, I should take the dirty bib off. Not so appealing. :) She still spits up SO much!!!