Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More pics from Dad and Edie's visit

Edie sent some pictures she had taken when they were here. Thought these were so cute of Pop Pop and Brooke!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dad and Edie's Visit

Dad and Edie came to visit yesterday and stayed the night. It was great to see them and to show them around Greenville! This pic was taken the other day after the pool...I had to include this one!
Hee hee...I just smile when I look at this pic...
We were downtown walking around.
This was such a cool tree root...had to get a picture of them in front of it.
Close up!
Hanging at the park...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our weekend started out with great news. We accepted an offer on our house (back in PA)!! We feel so blessed that things have worked out like they have. We will be closing at the end of the month. So...since our weekend was off to a great start...we had a wonderful rest of the weekend. Friday, I went to my 1st Mom's group down here and we met a the butterfly garden at the Science Center. It was such a beautiful day and it was fun to meet other moms in the area. Pic from the butterfly garden...I never caught a really good pic of the butterflies!!
My brother-in-law (Devin) stopped by here on his way to see friends in Charlotte. This was the 1st time that he and Brooke got to meet!! I have to tell this story because it's too funny not to share. When Devin got to our apt, Scott met him outside to let him know which one was ours. Brooke was taking a nap so I got Roxy on her lease and headed out to meet Devin as well. The front door on our apt locks automatically (it is terrible!!) so when I walked out, I forgot the key!! We were locked out of our house for 45 minutes (thankfully we could hear that Brooke wasn't crying and was sleeping) but Scott finally broke the window so we could get in!! The whole time Devin was here...he was helping clean up the glass everywhere. Sorry Devin... :) it was good to see you anyway and thanks for your help!!
Devin and Brooke in front of the shattered window! :)
Saturday afternoon we headed over to the dog park...
Saturday afternoon headed to the pool...Brooke was waving as she was driving down the road right before this..we couldn't stop laughing!

She splashes so much and so hard that she kept getting it up her nose! She was loving it!

This is a new face she is making...we laugh so hard every time she does it!!

We are so happy that she is loving the water....good excuse for us to go to the pool everyday!
Leaving the pool...
Saturday night we headed downtown to get some dinner...this was at the park before we ate.
This picture is such a real picture of motherhood. I am putting one earring back in as she is pulling out my other's a balancing act!!!
This is such a cool is hollow inside...they were having a wedding there and it was gorgeous...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Southern Hospitality

It's crazy how small of a world it is. Last night we went over to Kathy and Jay's house (they are the parents of Tim, who is Scott's good friend from college!). It is so neat that they live in this area and we're so excited that we'll get to see Tim and his wife, Jodi, when they come down to visit!! Kathy and Jay were so gracious and made a delicious dinner and dessert. Brooke had a great time with them too. They live right downtown in an absolutely beautiful condo. We had such a nice night with them and really appreciated their hospitality. We hope to see them again soon. Kathy playing with Brooke...
Scott and Jay chatting away.... :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Twinkle Toes...

Mama Suz sent Brooke her 1st care package!! It is the cutest onesie/tutu and it says "Twinkle Toes" on it! She had given Brooke a dancing chicken for Easter and Brooke starts dancing now every time it plays. It is the cutest thing ever!! I think we have a future dancer on our hands... :)
Here are some pics of this adorable outfit.
I love the back of it too...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New town, new home, new toys!

We made it safely down to Greenville!! We drove about 8 hours to Radford, VA on Friday and made it into Greenville about noon on Saturday. The drive went great...thankfully! Brooke was an angel and so was Roxy. We got most of our stuff unpacked on Saturday and ventured around Greenville on Sunday. Mom was such a huge help this weekend and we are so happy she came down with us. Thanks for all of your help, Mom!! We love you and miss you already.... Mom, Scott, and Brooke at the Children's garden in downtown G-ville...
Mom and Brooke in front of the Beatrice Potter fence...
Me, Scott, and pooh.... :)
Brooke cracking Mom up! refreshing!
Her new rocking horse...okay, she is a little too small for it but she liked it for a little bit!!! :)
This is by far the FAVORITE toy ever. She could seriously ride around in this all day long. I think this car will be making its way around this city!
This picture just makes me smile...there is a video I'll post of her riding this...I have to figure out how to do it first!
Another new toy (thanks to the Turleys!!)...
Guess who wanted to say hi!!