Sunday, February 20, 2011

What do you think?

I constantly am told opposing opinions about how our girls look. Some people think they look so much alike and others say that they look nothing alike. Here are the girls at the same age....what do you think???Brooke at 8 months
Presley at almost 8 months

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We've got a crawler!

Presley has been trying her hardest to crawl forwards for weeks now. She was crawling backwards, able to push her self to sitting position from being on her stomach, and was rolling all over. We weren't sure when she would take off crawling. Last night after dinner we were hanging out and she wanted Brooke's computer and she took off!! So fun...of course you don't see right after this where she kept going for Brooke's computer and princess dolls...Brooke was getting so mad!! Too funny...let the sisterhood sharing begin. :)

The video is a touch dark but hopefully you can still see her!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! It seems like we have been celebrating this heart filled occasion for the past 3 days now. :) The weather has been awesome here so we've been doing lots out and about. After church on Sunday we went to a nice brunch at one of the hotels here in town. Yesterday at dance class Brooke wore her new heart tutu (thanks Aunt Katie!) and had a blast handing out her Valentine's to her friends. This morning my Mom went with B to school to Grandparents day where they did all kinds of Valentine's stuff. We've had our fill this year and now ready to just enjoy the nice weather!!
After church ...
Presley's face lights up like this anytime she touches Brooke!
Dancing outside in her new tutu....

Sweet little valentine!
Brooke and Nana headed to school!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big Day for Presley

First of all, happy 7 month birthday to our little love. She is doing so many things now and growing so much each week. She is trying her hardest to crawl with getting up on all fours and swaying back and forth. She rolls every where she wants to go so I really cannot keep her contained at this point! Today was a big day for little miss:

- I discovered her 1st tooth has poked it's way through!
- She road in the "red car" that Brooke always loved and honestly still does even though her knees hit the front :)
- Presley and Brooke took their 1st bath together!!

It makes me so emotional when I stop and look at how much she has grown....

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

Happy birthday Scott!! We celebrated last Friday after he got home with this yummy, ice cream cake!! We sang happy birthday and gave gifts while Brooke was still awake (Presley was already asleep) and then Scott and I headed to eat sushi with Candace and Tom. I think he had a great birthday (if I do say so myself)!! :)

Girls Weekend!

The last weekend of January I headed to Orlando to see my best friends from college. As one of my Christmas presents, Scott surprised me with a trip to see my gals! I couldn't believe I would be kid-free for 3 days! Oh, don't get me wrong.... of course I missed the kiddos but OHHHHHH.... it was great to just chill out with my ladies!! We all met that Friday night (Cori came from Ft. Lauderdale and Patty came from Naples) at Brooke's house. We caught up and played with Brooke's daughter, Emily. She is such a cutie pie and so much fun to play with! Scott and Justin (Brooke's husband) were so sweet and surprised us with a hotel room for Saturday night! WOOT WOOT! Saturday, we got up at breakfast and headed off. We got mani's/pedi's, sat outside for lunch (it was beautiful the whole weekend), went to the hotel and hung out, went out to a great dinner, and headed out to have some fun in downtown Orlando. I cannot tell you the last time I got home at 2am! Sunday we got up and went out to breakfast, went to a movie, went for a long walk, and made dinner. Ahhhhh...... SO relaxing!! Thanks girls for such a great weekend. I miss you everyday. Scott and the girls had a great time and I just felt so rejuvanated! Thanks again babe, you're the best. :)The four of us Sophomore year of college....
The four of us 12 years later!!

We were thrilled we got ID'd at the club. :)
Emily piling on the bags!!
Having fun with Em.