Friday, January 15, 2010

Loving the Game...

Brooke loves to play anything outside that includes her running around. The sport she is loving right now is soccer. She kicks that ball all over the front yard and has a blast!! Playing this morning...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas in Greenville and Pennsylvania

This Christmas was so festive with family and friends! Christmas Eve we were invited to Kathy and Jay's house (Kathy's son is one of Scott's good friends from college, Tim). Tim and his wife, Jodi, were in town from Long Island and so we were so excited to spend time with them and Tim's family. It was such a fun night of great conversation and Brooke had a blast! Brooke and Tim! She loved playing with Tim and Jodi!

Brooke playing with Jodi and the cute bear that Kathy gave her!

Laughing with Jodi!

The "hosts" ... were so wonderful! The food was delicious.
All the ladies that night...
All the men!
Christmas morning was spent at our house with me, Scott, Brooke, and Roxy. Santa came and was so good to Brooke and all of us!!
Brooke in her new car!
Christmas afternoon we headed to my Mom's house. My sister and her family came and it was so meaningful for Mom to have us all together at her new house for the 1st time. The kids and all of us had a blast.

Brooke watching Caden and Adelyn.

Opening their recorders Nana gave them. We quickly wished she hadn't given it to them! hee hee
Nana playing Go Fish with the kiddos...

Caden caught one!

Brooke riding her new inchworm from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Devin!
On Sunday after Christmas we drove up to Pennsylvania for the week to visit with Scott's family and our friends. It was so great being back and seeing everyone.
Brooke and Aunt Katie!
B chomping on pizza and Laurie's house...

Laurie's oldest daugher, Lillie

B loving the see-saw in Laurie's basement!

Brian and Dalton on the see-saw

The girls! I miss you all!

B and my goddaughter, Kaitlyn... it made me so happy seeing them together!

Me, B, Amy, and K

Me and K!!
We got to see the Murphy's! It was so much fun getting to catch up with them. We missed seeing Matt and Bob and their families though! Next year....

On New Year's Eve we went to Longwood Gardens with Scott's Mom, John John, and Tony. So festive and it was the perfect NYE!
Mom Mom Suz and John John

Family pic! Can you tell how tired B was from the full day we had!

The group at the Gardens...

It snowed about 3 inches when we were up there. We wanted Brooke to be able to sled so we tried it even though there was hardly any snow left! She had a blast and they actually went fast down the hill....