Monday, December 15, 2008

Forster Visit

My Aunt, Uncle, and cousin came to visit this past weekend. We did so much and had a blast while they were here! Friday night they babysat Brooke while Scott and I went to Charlotte, NC for his work party. Thanks again for helping us out!! Saturday we made a big breakfast and then headed downtown to do some shopping. We got lots of goodies for the kiddos and then just us ladies (minus Brooke- Scott and Uncle Kurt took her back home to nap) went to the mall and shopped the rest of the day! SO much fun..I don't remember the last time I just shopped for hours and hours. What a great weekend... Jill, Aunt Judy, and Uncle Kurt having fun with B!
Brooke cracking Aunt Judy up!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pictures with Santa...

One of our neighbors (Vicki and Jim) down the street hosted an open house today with Santa for children to take pictures with. It was great to avoid the long lines at the mall to see him and especially because Brooke was TERRIFIED of him!! Every time I would come near him while holding her, she would start to shake. Poor thing... we tried but no luck. :) Hopefully next year she'll love ole Santa. My little angel...
Candace and I trying to get the girls to like him... we were laughing so hard... couldn't help it!
Daddy's girl.
Candace and I with the girls!
I don't think she knew Santa was behind us... otherwise, the lower lip would've been quivering!

Pop Pop and Mom Mom's Visit

Dad and Edie came in town on Thursday to celebrate an early Christmas. We appreciate them driving such a long way (from Ohio) to come and see us. They left here on Saturday morning to go visit with Lisa and Devin in Georgia. We loved having them in town! They gave Brooke an Eagles jersey for is so cute!
Dad, Edie, and Brooke...
The jersey they gave Brooke happened to be the same player that Scott and I both have! Had to get a pic of all of us...

Go Westbrook!

Playing with Brooke on Saturday morning.

Brooke and Edie having fun...
Dad and Brooke playing.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

There's always a reason...

I truly believe that God puts people in our lives for different reasons. For example, my new wonderful friend, Candace. She and her husband live about 10 houses down the street and it is such a blessing to have them in our lives. Candace stays home as well and we have such a good time together. Her beautiful daughter, Melaina, is a month older than Brooke and they play so well together. Candace and I have now started a weekly routine that is going to be a life saver and just so good for all of us. Here's an example of the new plan:

Mondays- Music Mondays at Candace's house (she and Tom are both musicians/singers so it is AWESOME to have her play the guitar and keyboard as we sing with the kiddos)
Tuesdays- I watch both kids while Candace gets out on her own for a while...
Wednesdays- Arts and crafts at my house
Thursdays- Candace watches both kids and I run out on my own...

We think it is a WIN WIN for all... I am so thankful for their wonderful family. Ahh. Life is good. This was taken yesterday when they were over. I think Brooke was crying because Melaina was playing with something she wanted. (Sharing is something being taught at the moment!) :)
Adorable Melaina!

Melaina chilling in the chair while Brooke was playing with her purse...

Today we had music day at Candace' fun!! The girls were loving the keyboard.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I wish everyday was Thanksgiving. What is better than hanging out with family, eating LOTS of food, and having the excuse to just relax all day. We were supposed to go to my sister's house for T-giving but they were all getting over being sick so we all decided it would be best if we stayed home. My Mom was still in town and so we made EVERY dish she would normally do for the big day. It was so much fun getting to learn how to make all of my families recipes. I normally would've done the hashbrown casserole and that would've been it...not this year!! I'd loved every minute of this day. Just hanging with the fam... Family photo before going for a walk...Nana gave this wagon to Brooke for Christmas! ('s a little early?!!)
Daddy got Brooke bundled that morning to go for a walk. From what people here are is unusually cold here. Of course, we move away from cold.. and it follows!! :)

Loving on Nana ... we miss you, Nana!!