Monday, October 26, 2009

Patty's Baby Shower

Brooke and I flew to Naples, Florida this past weekend to be with my best friends from college. Patty is having her 1st child (a baby boy!) and we went down to go to her baby shower. She and her husband are going to be such great parents. They are so excited for their little one to arrive next month! Can't wait! It was also my 1st time meeting Brooke's daughter, Emily, who is absolutely precious! Cori, thanks so much for playing with little B! You are so great with children..truly. I miss you girls so much already... love you. Cori, Emily, Patty, and Alexandria (Patty's niece)
B wanted to get in the picture!

Cori had Patty's cake made..SO CUTE!
Cori and Patty trying to cut the cake!
All the girls!! :)
Baby Emily!! So gorgeous!
Brooke playing in Patty's pool... so great to be in 90 degree weather!

Mommy and B!!
Cori and Emily!
Bathing beauty...

Best Friends

Brooke and Melaina met 1 year ago this week. Melaina had just turned a year and Brooke is one month younger. They have played together almost everyday since they met. It is the sweetest bond to watch them act as if they were sisters. They laugh, play, run, fight, talk, and hug just as sisters would. It is so neat to see the girl bond start so young. What we do without our girlfriends??? Picking out pumpkins for our front porches...
Taking a seat...
Brooke giggling at something Melaina was doing!
Sweet faces...
Best friends!!

Caden's 3rd birthday!

Our nephew, Caden, just turned 3 a couple of weeks ago!! It truly is amazing how fast time goes. I cannot believe he is already 3 years old!! I went over to Atlanta by myself because Brooke was recovering from pneumonia. I was sad she couldn't be there with her cousins. She misses them and is constantly asking for them. We'll see them soon at Brooke's birthday party! Caden and Adelyn playing with the tool set Nana gave him.
Nana and Aunt Judy having fun!
Playing with the drill!
The girls!
Aunt Jill and Adelyn!
Adelyn and Nana working hard!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Scott and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on October 9th!!! The time has flown by and we both cannot believe it has already been 5 years. We were planning to go away last weekend to celebrate but our little girl came down with pneumonia on Thursday. Poor thing was so sick all weekend and is now finally feeling better. We are so glad she is back to her happy self.

Sheila and Justin came back to Greenville this weekend to see my Mom. They were headed to vacation in North Carolina and stopped here for the night. It was so great to see them and take them to the huge restaurant festival downtown. We had a blast and Brooke was finally feeling better!!

Last week playing around the house.

Sheila, Justin, and Mom downtown...
Brooke and I going down the BIG slide!

She loved this bench in one of my favorite stores!
The crew stopping to watch the band and people shag dancing!

5 years of wedded bliss!!! Love you babe.

Brooke loved riding on Justin's shoulders...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last weekend my Mom's sister (Aunt Laura Beth) and her husband (Steve) came to visit. We had such a great time hanging out all weekend!! So good to see you both and cannot wait to come and visit you at the coast!

Brooke is loving to sit in our cars and "drive". If we are outside when Scott comes home from work, then she must "drive". It's the cutest thing to see her work all the buttons and it's scary to see how much she knows!! She loves opening and closing the garage and taking the cd's in and out of the stereo. Driving Mom's car....
Just opened the garage!

I love this smile!!
Giving Daddy kisses!
Brooke is loving to play dress up and she and Nana play at Nana's house! It is so cute to see her all dressed up!
B and Nana!
Playing in Nana's backyard. She loves the pine straw...
Walking to the Oktoberfest festival with Nana, Aunt Laura Beth, and Steve.
Loving holding their hands and walking through the festival...
Look how cute they are!
Little Miss Oktoberfest!
Scott and I had to get in there too!
"Riding" the lion near Nana's office downtown.

Daddy and B riding the lions!
Look how sweet this picture is of the 2 of them looking at each other (you can click on the pic to enlarge). :)