Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adelyn's 4th Birthday Party

Happy 4th Birthday, Adelyn!! I cannot believe our niece has grown up SO fast! We headed to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago to celebrate with her. It was a great day with Lisa, Devin, the kids, Linda and Frank (Devin's Mom and Stepdad), my Mom, Aunt Judy, Uncle Kurt, and Jill. What a fun day of playing in the sprinkler, on the slide, in the basement, and running around all over the house!! Thanks again Lisa and Devin for a fun weekend. The 2 beautiful grandmothers and sweet Adelyn.
Linda, Frank, and the birthday girl!
Jill, Adelyn, Uncle Kurt, Aunt Judy, and Brooke partying!
Me and my sweet niece.
The proud parents with their girl...
Brooke primping her hair before she went down the slide.
Family pic!
The Whalen crew!
All the is impossible to get them to all sit or stand together. This was the best we could get.
Adelyn is always so sweet with Brooke. Brooke is not always so sweet with Adelyn. :)
Nana, Scott, and Brooke running through the sprinklers
Lisa's turn!
She loves the water..
I just love this little backside. :)
Caden and Brooke getting soaked.
Uncle Kurt wathing all the action!
The little girl was pooped...time to take a seat....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Running of the ducks

This video was taken downtown a couple of weeks ago by Tom's phone. The girls had been in the fountain and then we were looking at the ducks. This is hilarious because you see Melaina chasing after the ducks and in comes Brooke ready to chase. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lisa brought Caden and Adelyn over to our house a couple of weeks ago. The day they came over it was 100 degrees (literally) and felt like 150 degrees! We went to a nearby park and just poured sweat so we ended up hanging out at our place most of the time in the air conditioner!! Adelyn and Brooke going across the wobbly bridge...

The kids tearing it up in the playroom!

Brooke going across the bridge...again and again.....

The other day at the pool with Candace and Melaina.
There are 4 of us girls that get together at least every other week (if not more) and all of our kids are within 6 months of each other. 2 girls, 2 boys! Perfect! I love chatting with the mamas...they are so much fun!!
Trying to get a shot of all of them together is ridiculous! This one wasn't as hard as some of them have been!! Look how cute they all look!

When Mom was here, Brooke wanted Roxy to put on her crocs (shoes). Sooo.... we put them on her!
Brooke wanted to mow the grass like Daddy does!
She loves to vacuum with us. Anytime I vacuum, she always wants me to hold her and frequently goes to the closet and wants me to pull it out so we can vacuum together.

Mom, Candace, and I went to dinner and the local theatre the other night to see Obama Mia. It was a musical using all Abba inspired music influenced by the whole election process. It was hilarious!! We had so much.
Candace and I after our yummy dinner!