Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mississippi Visitors!

We were so excited that some of my relatives from Mississippi wanted to make a road trip over to see us. Sheila, Justin, and Aunt Dell drove 9 plus hours to visit with us and we had a blast! They were here the week after Easter and they got to enjoy time with Brooke and also hanging out downtown.

The roadsters with Miss B! Justin and Brooke talking it up...
Justin, Sheila, and Brooke
Look how beautiful Aunt Dell is... OH...and my azaleas in the background are in full bloom. I will post those as well. I'm in love with them.
Justin juggling for Brooke. She was in AWE!

Easter 2009

We had a nice and low key Easter here in Greenville. We went to church and then spent the day with Tom, Candace, and Melaina. We went to their house for Easter dinner and then back to ours for a little Egg hunt for the girls.

This was taken on the day of our church Easter Egg Hunt the weekend before.
After church, back at the house...
That afternoon after we ate....having fun on their swings!
Daddy and B...
Our sweet angel...
Melaina and Brooke running around the back yard.
We were singing trying to get them to stay still for a picture!
Tom, Candace, and Melaina back at our house hunting for eggs... :)
Look at all of her eggs! Yep... you got it... she didn't put one in there. :)
Had to throw this one in here...this is her favorite place these days. Anywhere Roxy is...she wants to be and wants to lay or sit on her at all times. :)

Disney world!

This is a long post of pictures but it was impossible to pick from the almost 1,000 pictures we had between all of us who went to Disney world!! We spent a week in Orlando at the end of March and had a blast!! It was so great going to all of the different parks and having such great family time.

Aunt Judy and Uncle Kurt (my Aunt and Uncle)
Jill and Justin (Jill is my 1st cousin)
Lisa, Devin, Adelyn, and Caden
Nana (my Mom)

Welcome to Disney world!!
Character breakfast at the Grand Floridian...Pooh, Tigger....
Uncle Kurt and Adelyn
Brooke playing by the pool!! can tell she is very excited to be there... :)
Adelyn snoozing on Lisa after a fun day at the parks!
A show we went to at Hollywood Studios....
Jill and I loving the glasses!!
The whole crew posing for a pic!
Mom and I at Magic you Mom!
The whole crew again at Magic this place!
Mom, Caden, and Aunt Judy having fun on the train around the park. I think we stayed on this for an hour...Brooke fell asleep so we let her get her beauty sleep!
Family pic!
The girls outside the condos...
Nana and sweet...
Jill , Minnie, and Brooke... I love this picture!
Brooke loved when Justin would carry her. She felt so proud.
Daddy and B...
Uncle Kurt and Caden having fun at the pool
Celebrating their 10 year anniversary in May!! Congrats, Lisa and Devin!
Devin and the kids trying not to get wet!
Jill and Justin in front of the Tower of Terror...BEST RIDE EVER! I have never screamed that loud..seriously.
Family pic on the monorail.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There has been a long silence on our blog and I''ll be posting lots this week. We had a great trip to Disneyworld at the end of March, Easter pics, and a wonderful visit from Sheila, Justin, and Aunt Dell. It's been a great month and I'm in shock that it is almost May?!! Crazy...