Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's been way too long...

Wow...this month has come and gone like the blink of an eye! What a great month it has been and I feel like we haven't stopped! What a great month of seeing great friends, family, and starting our new business.

Let's see...where did May begin?
The last weekend of April, Scott's great college friend, Pete, and his wife, Melissa came down from New Jersey to spend the weekend with us. We had such a great time spending time with them and loved that our girls got to know them. They are a great couple to be around and so much fun!! Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures except for this one (Pete is in Brooke's princess tent!). I'm so bummed that we didn't take anymore but we had such an awesome time with them. It's our turn to head up to see them!! On Wednesday, May 4th, we held my Grand Opening of Stroller Strides!! It went great and I have been teaching classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ever since. Starting in June I will have an instructor teaching on Tuesday and Thursdays so we will cover the whole week. I LOVE teaching and feel like I have found a great fit for me!!

Mother's Day was so special this year. I feel so blessed to have 2 incredible little girls. They are my gift. They are the light of my life. What a great day that I got to spend with my family!! We headed out to lunch and ran into friends of ours (LeAnne, Kevin, and their girls!).

The weekend of May 13th we headed up North to Jeremy's wedding (one of Scott's good college friends). It worked out that we went back to West Chester, PA on Friday night and got to see lots of great friends and Scott's Mom and sister. It was such a fun night and great to be back in PA. Saturday we headed to NJ to celebrate Jeremy and Michele getting married and had an awesome time!! It was a blast hanging out with Murph, Ali, Jodi, and Timmy! We loved getting to see everyone and for Scott to catch up with old friends. I headed back to Greenville that Sunday while Scott headed on to Ireland for a week with Timmy. They had a wonderful time and the girls and I did great on our own!! We were SO HAPPY when Scott got home though. We missed him so much! Now we are just running our daily lives and so pumped that our neighborhood pool open this weekend!