Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mountain Beauty

On Wednesday Scott had business up in Asheville, NC, and was staying at the Grove Park Inn. I have heard so much about this Inn but we had never been. I was so excited that Nana was able to watch Brooke for the night so I could go up and stay with him. This place is GORGEOUS!! Right in the middle of the mountains and it is so old and quaint. Side note: (President and Mrs. Obama stayed there last weekend!) I had no idea that so many people knew of this resort/spa but it was awesome. It is very well known for the spa portion but we didn't get a chance to do any of it since it was such a short trip. We had such a romantic night though of a delicious dinner and just cruising around the resort. It feels so good to have alone time together and get a chance to really talk and spend time together. View of the resort that faces out looking at the mountains. The Inn was pretty much built going down the mountain.

View from one of the many terraces.
Down below near the Spa looking up at the rest of the Inn.

View from our table. (they had awesome garlic, cheddar biscuits and shrimp and grits!!)
Such a pretty view... what a great night!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Little Gardener

This past weekend we finally got a chance to get out in our gardens and pull weeds and plant some new stuff. We still have many more to plant but we at least got the flower beds looking better. Brooke loved helping Daddy plant in the big planters. She picked out 2 purple plants of her own at the store that she is going to be in charge of watering! Showing Daddy where she wants these to go...
Putting the flowers down in the potting soil!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Charleston - What a great town!!

Last weekend we headed to Charleston to visit with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Kurt. They were celebrating their anniversary and had been since they left our house on Tuesday. We didn't think they would mind if we intruded on the last 2 days of their trip!! hee hee.. It was such a beautiful weekend with azaleas in FULL bloom and we couldn't have asked for prettier weather. We got down there Saturday around noon, had lunch, went to a plantation and toured around the grounds, and went to a delicious dinner!! Sunday, we took a carriage ride tour of the city (such a great way to see the beautiful sites) and then went to see the Blue Angels perform on the waterfront. Brooke loved seeing the big jets!!
B and Daddy at the plantation. The flowers were gorgeous!
Aunt Judy and Uncle Kurt celebrating 31 years of wedded bliss!

Mommy and B!!
Such a sweet pic of my loves..
This tree was awesome and especially with the azaleas underneath...
Brooke and Daddy at breakfast....sharing some yummy bacon. My girl likes the good stuff! :)
Waiting for the Blue Angels to begin!
The big jets were LOUD!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Luke's 2nd birthday party

We all headed to Carrie's house on Wednesday for a birthday party for Luke. Her husband came home at lunchtime to join in the festivities too! It was a gorgeous day out and the kids had a ball playing outside and eating their cupcakes! Beep beep!!
Playing in the water table!
Brooke about to pin her nose on the lion.
My girl!
Thomas and B
Trying to wait patiently for their cupcakes!
Carrie and Mark singing to their little man!
B and Melaina chomping down...
Birthday boy!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aunt Judy's Visit

This past weekend we were supposed to head to Georgia to see my sis and her family but unfortunately Adelyn got a stomach virus. My Aunt Judy flew into Atlanta on Friday and instead of heading to Lisa's, headed to our house instead. We ended up having a great weekend even though we were all bummed that we weren't all together. We had such a great time with Aunt Judy!! We went out for pizza, went to the park, shopping, church, went for hike up in North Carolina, and went to a baseball game. We were all so tired every night because we just went and went all day!! Aunt Judy cracking up while she was blowing bubbles with B!

B playing soccer at the park!
At the look out point on the mountain with Daddy.
Aunt Judy and I making our way up the trail!
Stopping for a break and then realized we wanted to turn around at this point! We were all exhausted!
Daddy and B throwing rocks...
At the minor league baseball game on Monday night (Uncle Kurt flew into town that day!).
Family pic!
Brooke next to Reedy...the mascot!! She liked him from far away...still not sure of him up close.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Day

Easter Day here was honestly such a perfect day. The weather was just right, went to church and celebrated, went to brunch on the river, had an Easter Egg hunt at Tom and Candace's house, and then had a relaxing night. What a great day! Daddy and B headed to brunch.
Family pic!

Mom and I
Brooke loves "twirling" and dancing like a princess (as she calls it). She looks so sweet and angelic..we love watching her. She loves to put her hands up like a ballerina and dance on her tippy toes.
Dancing before brunch!

Easter Egg hunt at Melaina's. How cute is Melaina in her Snow White dress!! The Easter bunny brought that to her. :)

Finding eggs!

Daddy's girl.