Monday, November 19, 2012

Brooke's birthday celebration- Part 1

It is truly hard for me to believe that our little girl is turning 5 on Wednesday.  We celebrated with friends and family this past Saturday at the Sportclub here in Greenville.  My sister and her family came over from Atlanta and Aunt Judy flew in from Mississippi.  It was so great to have them here.  We all had a great time on Saturday from celebrating at the birthday party to hanging out the rest of the day.  On Saturday night my sister and I took my niece, Adelyn, and Brooke to a Princess Academy at the Children's Theatre. They had Tiana, Belle and Rapunzel there to read stories to them and to teach them manners and etiquette on being a princess.  They really enjoyed and loved seeing the princesses.  Brooke had a big day on Saturday and I have to say we were all pooped after such a fun day! 
 Her Rapunzel cake! 
 Playing parachute games!
 They were doing an obstacle course...
 Presley playing with her balloon!
 They had to keep the balloon in the air!
 Trying to break the pinata! I ended up having to rip it apart:)
 Lunch and cake!
 Brooke got to paint her hands and put her prints on the wall!
 Daddy lifting her up!
 Prints on the wall...
 Cake time!
 Adelyn at the princess academy


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Funday

Scott has been out of town this weekend so my Mom and I decided to take the girls to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia.  This is the 2nd time the girls and I have been and we really have a great time there.  They have so many cool animals to see and a neat aquarium building as well.
Presley checking out the tiger!
 Brooke riding the pony! This girl is loving some pony rides these days. She just rode another one yesterday at a festival we went to. 
 Nana, Presley and Brooke riding the train!

 This was SO fun! They have a raised platform where you can feed the giraffes! I didn't see this last time we were here so of course we had to get in there and feed these beauties!

 Looking at the shark and other cool fish they have there.
Swimmer in the tank feeding the fish...they LOVED this!

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Week of Halloween

It's so funny now that the girls are getting older how Halloween has become a week long festivity! The amount of candy in my house could feed our entire neighborhood.  We started last Thursday with a Halloween parade at Scott's work.  They make it really fun for the kids to come to the office and trick or treat throughout the building.  Really cool event.  Both girls had Halloween parties at school where they got to trick or treat and then of course Halloween night.  It is so fun to see their excitement over getting dressed up and it takes me back.  I still remember the pink carebear outfit my mom made for me that was awesome.  It was so well made that I about had a heat stroke in the middle of Mississippi October weather!!  Brooke was Rapunzel this year and Presley went as a ballerina.  They were different characters at the other parties (Spider girl, cowgirl).  We had another great Halloween in our neighborhood and it's so fun to see all the kids growing up together.

A Day at the Biltmore

Two Fridays ago my friend Fallon and I took our kiddos up to Biltmore in Ashville, NC.  Scott and I have been to the Biltmore during Christmas and it is absolutely beautiful but I honestly didn't know what to expect taking the kids up there.  It was awesome!  The drive up the mountains was absolutely gorgeous with all the leaves changing colors and the girls were excited to see mountains!  We went to the "farm" there and the ate lunch in the village and just had a beautiful afternoon hanging with our kids.  After Fallon and her kids left, the girls and I headed over the Estate and we continued to have a fantastic time! Hint:  the Biltmore offers valet parking that literally takes you right up to the house (only $10 for annual members) so it is well worth it!  We went through the 1st floor and the basement of the Estate and Brooke thought it was pretty cool.  We certainly went pretty fast (especially when Presley went under the red rope and was trying to sit on the old historic furniture).  We went out on the grounds around the house and ate ice cream and hung out for about 2 more hours just playing. What a fun day!!
 Having fun at the farm at Biltmore!
 My big girl...I seriously cannot believe she is about to be 5 years old. 

 Brooke, Presley and Kesely hanging with the scarecrows!

 Brooke doing her cartwheels!
 Sweet Kesely!

First Day of School

Both girls are going to school this year and they absolutely love it!! Brooke is going 5 days a week and Presley is going 3 days. Their classrooms are across the hall from each other so they get to see each other throughout the day.  I could not be happier with their teachers and how much they are learning!! God Bless teachers. They truly make such a difference in these little lives.
 Brooke's 1st day of school.  K4

Presley's 1st day of school in the 2 year old class!!


Brooke and her BFF Melaina have known each other since they were a year old.  They are 1 month apart and will both be 5 years old in a few weeks.  They do not go to the same school anymore and we sadly don't see them as much (due to work life,etc...) but when these 2 gals get together it is just like they saw each other yesterday.  That is one way I've always been able to tell if someone is a true friends is that when you see them, you pick up where you left off.  Just like no time has passed.  I love seeing Brooke and Melaina play and Presley and Clara are becoming the same way.  These 4 gals have a lifetime of friendship ahead of them and it makes me so happy.  :)
 Playing together at the park at one of our good friends birthday parties!
 They said they needed a break.....too hot!
 Clara coming down the slide!  Sweet girl....
 Melaina pushing Presley!
 3 of the 4 gals...
 YUM-O cupcakes!
Our sweet girl!