Monday, June 29, 2009


This video was taken today at our neighborhood pool of Brooke and her best friend, Melaina. They have started holding hands when they walk around together and it is the most amazing thing to see this friendship forming at such a young age. Candace and I were trying to be quiet in the background so they didn't get distracted!! We were laughing so hard though. :) Enjoy! If you can't tell...Brooke is the one in pink.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nana's Visit

The last couple of weeks have been busy and a blast!! My Mom (Nana) came to visit for 2 weeks and we had so much fun!! Brooke and Nana at the zoo...
B going down the slide...
Loving the playground at the zoo.
Daddy and Brooke down at the concert on the river. Every Thursday night they have outdoor concerts on the water. So fun!
Nana looking so pretty.
Brooke loving the crowd. ALWAYS hamming it up to get attention. Too funny. Yep, Scott is chasing after her.
He was trying to get her to come back to where we were sitting.

Our family. My loves.
No better picture than the 2 of them smiling. :)

Nana and Brooke...they had so much fun together the last 2 weeks.
B was giving me a big bear hug. She cracks me up all the time!

B on the side of the stage. She stood there for a long time and bounced up and down dancing!!!

Back at home, eating string cheese and watching Elmo.
Loving dragging my purse around!
We all went up to North Carolina on Saturday to go for a hike and get in the lake. It was such a pretty day....
The fam cooling off in the water. It was hot!

Nana and B taking a break!
B loving the cold, not so much! The water was freezing!!
She kept wanting to go deeper and deeper!
She wanted to walk on the trail instead of being in her backpack. That is her thing now. She won't sit in highchairs, booster seats, or strollers. If we go out to eat, she sits in adult chairs or wants to run around. If we're out shopping, she won't sit in a cart, she wants to run around. Yes, it's quite fun to be in a store when you're trying to actually find and purchase something. :)
Sitting in the lake after our hike...
Today after church, helping me sweep. What a great helper!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer is here!

We are SO excited that summer is here. We pretty much spend all day every day outside. Our neighborhood pool, our swing set, baby pool, numerous parks, the zoo, downtown, and ice cream shops is where our time is being spent!! We are LOVING this town and all that Greenville has to do. They have done such a good job creating things to do for families... enjoy these pics from the past couple of weeks.

After the pool the other day....I gave her a piece of bread and she was messing around and kept looking at me with this hunk of bread in her mouth. I was laughing so hard! Heading downtown to bike from the zoo to the fountains!
Quick shot of Mom and B!
Roxy in the back of the car waiting to go...
Sunday after church...Scott and B hanging in the baby pool! I was laughing when I walked outside and saw him in the pool too...he was so hot!
Roxy sprawled out in the sand ...
Daddy getting them both soaked!
New favorite thing to do is take the sand from the play set to her water table...
Picking up the sand....
Now it's in the water table...