Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mom Mom and Pop Pop come to visit!

My Dad and Edie came for their annual Memorial Day weekend trip. The drive to Atlanta and spend 2 nights with my sis and then come here and stay 2 nights. It works out great and we have a ball when they come. The arrived on Memorial Day (see their red,white, and blue outfits below..nice planning guys!) and we had dinner and headed to our neighborhood pool for the big kick off the season party!  It was packed and we had a great time.  Tuesday we took the kiddos to the zoo and then hung out the rest of the day. So glad to see them and our kids just adore them. Love you both!!

 Hanging at the pool eating some chocolate chip cookies! YUM
 Presley cheesing with Pop Pop!
 Mom Mom trying to hide that cookie in her mouth! :)
 Brooke and Mom Mom played hard in the pool! Brooke had the best time!

 The zoo was great because hardly anyone was there......felt like we had the place to ourselves!

Welcome back, sweet camera!

Ahhhhh.... I got a new lens and I am as happy as I can be. :)  My sweet family let me get in their faces the moment it showed up on my door step! :)

Big Fat Greek Festival

Every year we love going downtown to the Greek Festival. One of the big Greek churches puts it on and there is so much delicious food, it is ridiculous.  They have baklava sundaes, delicious gyros, spanakopita, and so many more yummy treats.  We had a great time this year, especially because it wasn't blazing hot like last year.  They have a whole kids area of rides and jumpy gyms, which of course the girls loved. Brooke has been dying to get her face painted so thankfully they had an artist there doing them!!

 Daddy and Presley hanging out!
 The gals riding the helicopters!
 Brooke's face pony!
 So cute!
 Of course Presley had to jump into the action...she loved it! Couldn't believe she actually sat still to get it!

Pops comes to visit!!

Scott's Dad came to visit for 5 days in early May.  We had such a great time getting to spend time with him and seeing he and the girls having so much fun.  He and Scott got to play golf, we all went to the Zac Brown Band concert (AWESOME),  we had a wonderful adult dinner out downtown, he and Scott took Brooke to the childrens' museum, and we just had good times hanging around the house. We love when you come Pops and come back soon!

 The girls having a blast with him! Presley was doing her karate chops!!
Video of her doing karate chops!!

End of School

The end of the school year always brings mixed emotions.  Lots of feelings of not believing that my little girl is growing up so fast, how is she going to be in K4 next year?!, and of am I going to entertain her all summer?!!!  :)  Brooke was sad that school was ending because she loved her classmates and we will hopefully still see them throughout the summer. But, she is really excited to have the summer to do other things and spend lots of time at the pool!  Her school had a Mothers Day program and an end of school picnic.  I love her school so much and am excited for both of the girls to be there together next year!! I know Presley is going to love it just as much as her sister does.

 Brooke and her classmates singing a Mother's Day song!
 Before her last day of school!
Video of her and her class singing!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spontaneous Fun Day!

Last Thursday my friend, Carrie, and I decided last minute to take the kids to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC.  Columbia is about 1 1/2 hours from here so we ended up getting there by 11am that morning.  The morning started out extremely crowded and honestly we weren't so sure we had made the right decision to come that day because there were about 50 school buses (OK, maybe not that many) alongside of us.  But, about an hour into our morning there things started turning around.  All of our kids were having so much fun and loved seeing the animals and doing all the fun things the zoo had to offer.  Brooke rode a pony, Luke and Brooke rode the train, did some rope climbing, rode the merry-go-round and got to see some really cool penguins.  We ended up staying about 5 hours and had an absolute blast!! Brooke has been asking to go back everyday! 

 Presley hugging Leah while checking out the penguins!
 All 4 kiddos checking out the penguins!
 Presley's 1st time on a carousel!!
 Brooke and I doing the ropes course! I was so proud of her!

 B riding the pony!!