Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This and That...

The past couple of weeks we have been doing a little bit of everything. One thing we've especially been doing is trying to stay cool!! It's been crazy hot here so we've pretty much spent most of our time either at the pool or indoors. My swollen feet can't take this heat! :) Brooke cracks me up so much because she is loving laughing at herself these days and trying to make me laugh. I love this little girl so much...I feel so blessed that another little angel is about to arrive. Showing off her shades...she is just now liking to wear sunglasses. She never has wanted to wear them before!
Ready for bed but wanting her glasses!
She got her 1st haircut in probably a year! She did great and couldn't wait to get a lollipop afterwards!
Strolling her bear around with her oven mitts and sparkly shoes! I am loving this total girl stage she is in. She loves anything princess and wants her toenails painted all the time!! Too cute...
Playing with her friends... Melaina and Lydia.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Lisa and the kids came back to town on Thursday and stayed till Saturday afternoon. We stay BUSY when they are here and the kids have so much fun together!! Brooke kept saying "my cousins" all weekend! She absolutely adores Adelyn and Caden and love spending so much time with them. We were busy swimming, playing at the park, riding George the Train, flying kites, going to the farmer's market, and eating lots of yummy food! Brooke in her fish floaty. We cannot believe she loves to hang out in this in the adult pool and just float around. Such a change from last year when we had to hold her the whole time!
Adelyn swimming around!
Lisa and Caden hanging out!
Me and baby girl... 34 1/2 weeks prego!
All the kids riding the train at the park...
Caden trying to fly the dragon kite...
Adelyn and Brooke waiting in line for their turn to fly! (We had to make them get in a line otherwise they were all fighting for the kite!)
Brooke flying the princess kite!! We had much better luck with this one instead of the dragon kite. (To be honest, I cannot believe this one flew at all because there was not 1 drop of wind!)
Go Brooke Go!!
Adelyn running fast to get it high in the air!
On Saturday morning, we met our Sunday School class at the dog park for a little doggy date. Roxy was SO happy! She got to play in the creek and have fun with the other dogs. It's been a long time since Roxy had a play date. :)
Of course she had to get cozy in the creek muddy water. :)
Back at Nana's after Lisa and the kids left. Nana has the perfect painting setup in her garage that Brooke loves to play with. This time there were no brushes...just hands. She painted her entire stomach and had a blast!
Great's only 4:30 right now...we're off to the pool in just a bit! I LOVE SUMMERTIME!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Cow Creamery

Last week I took Brooke to the Happy Cow Creamery and met up with Carrie, Julie, and their boys. The creamery is an organic dairy farm and they take you on a tour to see where the cows are milked and show you where the milk is bottled. It was such a cute little place and we got to ride on a "trolley" ride but really it was a tractor pulling us in a row of seats. The kids loved it and we had a good time too!! We got to sample their delicious milks afterwards. It was the first time Brooke had ever had chocolate milk...she kept saying "this is my FAVORITE!!". It was too cute.
Me and my girl on the tractor ride!
Watching all the cows eat. They LOVED this!

Trying chocolate milk..YUM!