Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Joy of Christmas

It is so amazing being a parent and experiencing Christmas with your children. It brings all of the wonderful memories I have of Christmas from when I was a child back and I love making our own memories as a family now. I was looking around at my incredible husband and precious children just thinking about how blessed I am to have such special people in my life.

Two days before Christmas I still did not have a star/angel/bow or anything at the top of the tree. I have been looking for the perfect something to put up there but still hadn't found it. Out of the blue Brooke says to me that she wants to make a yellow star to put at the top of the tree. She is very into using scissors now so I drew the star and she cut and colored it. I am in love with this star. I am going to laminate it and use it every year from now on. This was exactly what I was looking for.
Christmas Eve we went to church and attended one of my favorite services of the year. Candace sang "O Holy Night" and the whole service is so touching and emotional. Then, we had a great morning at our house on Christmas and Santa was very good to us. Brooke had a blast opening all of her presents and Presley's too! She's not going to know how to handle herself once Presley starts opening her own stuff!
Mom Mom Suz, John John, Aunt Katie, and Uncle Jamie sent lots of wonderful gifts!! She had so much fun opening and playing with all of them!
Mommy putting together her Barbie Pet Vet Center that Mom Mom Suz gave her!

That afternoon we headed to my Mom's (she lives a mile away!) and met up with Aunt Lisa, Uncle Devin and the kids! What a wonderful day!! God is good.
Trying to get a group shot!
Brooke and Adelyn patiently waiting to open Nana's gifts!
Time to open!
Uncle Devin getting the play-doh all set up!
Play-doh time!
It was a white Christmas!! First time in over 50 years that it has snowed on Christmas in Greenville! It was awesome!
Brooke had a blast!
Today out riding her new bike that Santa brought!

Hanging out

I walked by the bathroom the other day and Brooke was sitting here just like this. I said "What are you up to? She replied "Just hanging out." I burst into laughter! I love this girl so much!

Christmas in Atlanta

The past 2 years we have gone to my sisters house the weekend before Christmas to celebrate with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin, who fly over from Mississippi. We have such a great time playing with the kids and just catching up. I am always so amazed at the strong bond these kids have..they know they are family and they love each other so much. Brooke and Adelyn instantly play together and I could see this time that Presley is dying to get in the mix! Next year, she'll be in the middle of it all!
Trying to get a picture of them all together!
Brooke and AdelynLook at Presley wanting to get in on the hug!
Family pic!
Nana, Presley, and Aunt Lisa
Presley showing off her new outfit!
Everybody chit chatting after presents!
Aunt Judy, Uncle Kurt, P, and I!

Pop Pop and Mom Mom's Christmas Visit

Mom Mom and Pop Pop drove from Ohio to come and visit us before Christmas. We loved when they come to visit and the girls ate up all the attention!! They always buy all the grandkids matching pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve and Mom Mom and Pop Pop always match the grandkids as well! Too cute...this was this years pajamas just previewed a few weeks early!Building with Brooke....
Pop Pop reading to B....
Presley in her new pj's!
A couple of Fridays ago we decided to jump in the car and head to Hollywild Animal Park to see the Christmas lights and the animals that roam free. We have heard of this place ever since we moved here but hadn't made it there yet. I had heard that it was pretty neat to see the lights and the animals roam free. That's it. That's all we heard. We were not expecting the night we ended up having. You pull up to the animal park and it is definitely in the country but with about 10 rows of cars waiting to pay to get in. As I'm looking around I see minivans, trucks, SUV's FULL of people and all kids out of seat belts, car seats, etc.... We thought we'd join in and let Brooke out of her car seat. I seriously was waiting for a cop to pull me over! She was thrilled! She climbed up and sat in the middle console and smiled with glee. We paid to get in and then road through a glorious light display that was much more than we expected....THEN....we pulled up to a couple of guys that were selling food for the animals and that's when Scott asked, "Do we just follow the car in front of us?".... "Naw... you just go where you wanna....it don't matter where." We looked ahead and it seriously is a free for all of cars and animals all over roaming free. We (me, Scott, Nana) burst into hysterical laughing because you look around and you see hundreds of deer and there were donkeys, zebras, horses, and enormous cows. The funny thing was it was a gigantic pasture and you could go anywhere you wanted to. We ended up having a zebra in the window and a donkey that was using the grill of our SUV to warm it's nose. To end the night on the right note, Brooke used her travel potty outside just as we left the big field and was screaming hysterically thinking the animals were going to get her!! Don't worry, we only looked a little white trash with our child going to the bathroom where everyone could see. :) It was truly one of those nights that you would really have to experience on your own. You better believe we will be there next year!! :)
The deer and the pretty lights!
Presley enjoying the scenery! :)
Brooke and Nana feeding a donkey!
The donkey and the zebra coming up to us!
Here little zebra!
Brooke standing out of the sunroof!
There was an area after the roaming animals that you could get out and see more...these guys couldn't be out in the wild. They may hurt my car!
Santa was there! Brooke is still a little afraid of good ole St. Nick!
Feeding the goats..Brooke loved doing this!

Let's try that again...

I think one of the hardest thing to accomplish is to take a good photo of a child, especially multiple children! I have learned to click away and hope that at least 1 shot that I get will turn out. The girls and I laughed so hard a couple of weeks back when I was trying to take some pictures for our Christmas card!! As most of you know...none of these ended up being the pic but we had fun trying! Thought I'd share of couple of them.Soon after this picture Brooke screamed in horror because Presley spit up all over her! I couldn't stop laughing...
Yep...no one is looking at the camera. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in Greenville with Scott's family. Mama Suz, John John, Aunt Katie, and Greg came from Pennsylvania to visit!! It was a great visit with lots of good family time, relaxing, and kid time. We were so happy they came to visit!!
Mama Suz and Presley!
Celebrating Brooke's bday with all of them! I think she thought her birthday was 5 days long! :)
My baby girl!
The fam!
Our family of 4!
The girls! This is the picture I used for our Christmas card this year...
Mama Suz and her grandbabies!
John John and Brooke having fun!
Aunt Katie and B being silly!
Out at Barley's having some drinks and pizza!
Presley loving the cold weather....
Hanging at the park..COLD!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


We had both girls dedicated at our church the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It truly was such a special day for all of us. One reason it was so special was it was Brooke's birthday that day. Also, it was great to have family in town as well to be with us. Aunt Judy, Uncle Kurt, Jill, Justin, Lisa, Devin, and the kids were all there to see them. We feel so blessed to have found our church and to have made such wonderful friends. Our Sunday School class has a wonderful bond, even though we are all at different places in our lives. We are so thankful to all of them for their friendships and also to our Pastors who have an incredible way of making each person feel thought of and prayed for everyday. Right before their dedication!
Daddy and Presley!
Nana and Brooke!
Look how happy Presley is that Pastor Stephen is holding her!
Pastor Stephen taking Presley around the whole sanctuary so everyone can see her. Scott followed behind him carrying Brooke so they could see her too!!
Uncle Kurt and Aunt Judy playing with P out to lunch afterwards!
Aunt Judy playing with Presley's booties!