Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beach Trip

Last week we headed up to Dewey Beach, Delaware to vacation with Scott's mom and her fiance, his siblings and their significant others, cousins, and friends!! It was great to be back in Dewey and it was so fun to spend time with everyone! Thanks for a great week! Scott's brother (Uncle Jamie) dancing with Presley. He was SO great with the kids! We miss you Jamie!

Mom Mom Suz and John John!

Our family:)

The fingers come out when little one gets tired :) My precious girl..she hung in there so well all week.


My girl!

The girls LOVED the beach. They loved playing in the sand and Presley loved the water. Brooke wasn't loving getting in the water but she was digging playing in the sand!

Look at this pose! Too funny!

Cousin Marie and Brooke! Marie and George are Scott's 1st cousins that live in Wyoming. They are such great people and we absolutely loved spending time with them! We miss you both and congrats to Marie for her upcoming wedding this Saturday!!

Brooke, Scott, Uncle Jamie, and Marie

Marie keeping up with Presley!

Me and my big girl.

Presley loving the sand.

Family moment :)

Uncle Jamie loving on Presley!

John's daughter (Amanda), Marie, and Aunt Katie (Scott's sister)!

Big family pic at the restaurant! So fun because it was right on the beach..tables in the sand!

Scott and I took the girls to Bethany Beach one night and had a blast! We ate Five Guys, had ice cream, played at the park, and walked around the stores. It was such a great night.

Our good friends, Lauren and Brian, drove down from West Chester with their son, Dalton, to come and visit with us!! It was so great to see them and so fun for the kids to play together. We miss you guys and thanks again for coming down!!

Dalton is seriously the cutest little boy!!

Dalton and Presley sharing sand toys!

Brooke and Dalton playing...

Surfer girls!

My Dad and Edie drove over from Medina, Ohio to come and visit with us too!! We headed down to a beach bar with them and had a great time getting to see them. Thanks so much for making the trip and coming to see us!! We love you.

My love.

Our close friend, Amy, drove down with her daughter, Kaitlyn to come see us!! Kaitlyn is my Goddaughter and such a smart, beautiful, and sweet little girl. She has grown SO much since I saw her last. It was awesome to spend time with both Amy and Kaitlyn. We miss you and love you both so much!

We had a mini 1st birthday celebration for Presley. Only 5 days till her real birthday!! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone :(

Lauren, Amy, and I ... (Lauren and I have been friends since 6th grade and Amy and I have been since 9th grade). Love these girls.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That...

These are some pictures that I have had on my phone over the past couple of weeks. The girls crack me up so much in some of these pictures. Just a glimpse into our daily lives...which right now consist of a walking/crawling hilarious almost 1 year old and a chatterbox, vibrant 3 1/2 year old. I'm not kidding...Brooke, I love ya, but GIRL YOU TALK ALL DAY LONG!! Trust me, I'm as thankful as the next person for my gal and her talkative ways but man, sometimes I think about hiding in the bathroom just for a moment of silence!! She doesn't nap or spend anytime in her room during the day, so we are joined at the hip from sunrise to sunset. Can you tell it has been a long day?!! I wouldn't want it any other way though..I love being with my girls. Brooke and Melaina playing Princess Lacrosse!

I had gone to my room for a moment the other day and when I came back Brooke was in Presley's crib and they were jumping up and down! I just died was so cute!

This was taken right before their bath while Scott was in Ireland. Presley looks like that pretty much all day. She is so smiley and so happy all the time!! They are interacting and playing so much together now. I LOVE IT!! There is nothing like sibling love....

This video was taken a couple of months ago while Brooke was feeding Presley. Presley loves to spit her food out at us so Brooke got a little taste of it too. They make me laugh. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Our baby girl is walking!

Our baby girl starting taking her 1st steps last week and has really progressed to walking more and more on her own!! She is so proud of herself as we are too..of course! She is such a sweet, laid back, and happy child...She makes us so proud everyday!

Enjoy this video of her today!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brooke's Big Day!

Yesterday was a big day in our daughters life. Brooke makes Scott and I so proud each and every day and yesterday was one of those days that I think none of us will ever forget. The day started out at Lydia's birthday party (one of our neighbor friends!). It was cowboy party and the kiddos got to ride horses. I was so proud of Brooke because she was very cautious and hesitant to get on the horse but she decided she wanted to do..and she did it! I was so proud of her and just couldn't wipe the smile off my face nor hers!!

THEN... the day continued with the night of her BIG dance recital!! She's been taking dance since September and it is a ballet and tap class. She has LOVED dance much more than school or anything else. Pretty much everyday she asked me if she is going to dance that day. I knew this night was going to be a blast for her. They had a rehearsal the day before but this was different..there were going to be lots of people in the crowd! The recital was held at the Peace Center, which is the place where all the big musicals, plays, and lots of concerts take place. The recital was 3 hours long and Brooke did GREAT!!! Her class was so cute and they danced to "Wake Me Up" by Wham. The whole recital was a throwback to the 80's!! I cried the entire time she danced and I just cannot tell you how proud me, Daddy, Nana, and Candace were!!

Makeup by Mommy and hair by Candace!!

Family pic before we left!

Our beautiful big girl!!

You make our world shine!

After the recital!! She was so excited! Getting her flowers!

All the dancers received medals..she was so pumped!

Wanted her bun taken out on our way to the car..she was was 9:30pm! After taking about 20 bobby pins out...her was her pretty blonde locks!