Friday, September 18, 2009

Brooke's Baby Book of Brooke's age of 6 months, I stopped writing in her baby book. GASP...I know, bad mom. This blog became my way of documenting all of her milestones and day to day activities. I recently realized there are so many things that she does that I would write in a baby book, if I kept one. For her 2nd birthday (as a present for Scott and I) I am going to have the blog printed entirely so I will have everything in 1 neat and tidy book. Good idea, right?! By the way, Carrie.. I need to get the website from you! Here are all the little Brookeism's I would write in her baby book.

- She is 22 months at the time I am writing this.

- B is OBSESSED with Winnie the Pooh. I used to think she was obsessed with Elmo but this is a whole new level. She wants to watch the original Winnie the Pooh movie as much as she can. She sleeps with Pooh in her bed and Pooh is now part of Mommy, Daddy, and Roxy. When she asked for all of us, she also asks for Pooh. He is now officially part of our family.

- B has started pushing Melaina when she gets frustrated at her (of course it is always over a toy). I know, part of being a toddler, but when she does it I have told that her we don't push, we can either hug or high five. She now will push her and then follow up with a hug. Parenting gone wrong, huh??

- She loves to slide, swing, or do anything that moves. She is not a child who loves to be in any kind of buckled device. No strollers, high chairs, and sometimes can barely get her in her car seat.

- She gives the biggest smiles and the best gut laugh. There is no way to keep a straight face when she flashes those teeth at me. By the way, she is still getting teeth. She only has 6 up top and not sure how many on the bottom. Will have to count.

- She LOVES to color. That is our new restaurant tactic is to take a bunch of markers/crayons and coloring books with us and she will just color away. She looks like such a big girl when she is so serious coloring.

- She is a great skipper. Her fav is to skip to the song "Skip to my Lou"....or any music for that matter.

- We are so proud of her of how easily she gave up the pacifier. We thought that was going to be a lifetime battle.

- She is not a fan of getting dressed. We have had some pretty nice struggles getting her diapers changed and clothes on. Can't wait till she can dress herself. :)

- She is Roxy's biggest fan. Our poor dog cannot get away from Brooke. Roxy will be sound asleep and Brooke will pounce. I used to always worry about Roxy hurting Brooke now I'm always telling Brooke to get off Roxy and to stop pulling her tail.

- B is a child who LOVES to get dirty. For example, yesterday we went out to get the mail and 1 1/2 hours later we came in after she had sat in the flower bed and put mulch in every crevice of her shoes, pants, shirt, and hair that she could find. Then she wanted to go out back where she laid in the sand and proceeded to do the same thing. Hard thing is that she isn't loving bathes right now so I had to bath her while she was standing in the tub. FUN!

- She has her 1st boy crush on Jacob next door. Jacob is 4 years old and B bolts over there the minute she sees him. Seriously, it starts this early??!!

- B yells "HEY" at most any place or any store we are in. Anyone walking by gets a big ole "HEY... or sometimes BYE BYE"

- Her vocabulary impresses us everyday. She is saying 2-3 words phrases now and is always just talking away. I love it!

- Her favorite songs to sing/dance to are "Ring around the Rosy", "Wheels on the Bus", "Twinkle Twinkle", "If you're happy and you know it". She does the hand motion for all of these. She also loves "Chicken Fried" and "Toes" by Zac Brown Band.

- B has always been pretty small for her age. I'm excited to see when she goes back in Nov for her 2nd bday checkup because I feel like she has grown in height and weight lately.

- B constantly falls and scrapes her knees probably every other day. I cannot remember the last time one of her knees wasn't scraped up.

- Mealtime is not so fun these days. Brooke is extremely picky and to be honest, would rather drink milk all day versus eating. I don't get it. FOOD IS DELICIOUS!! Our go to foods that we know she will eat are pizza, chips, and cookies. ALL foods that are not good for her. The girl drinks more milk than Scott and I do...and that is A TON OF MILK!! Ughh... one day she will discover the beauty of food.

That's about it for now. I will keep the updates coming as this is going to continue to be her baby book. Technology is wonderful, isn't it?!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We stayed here in Greenville for the weekend and had such a great 3 days!! Lisa and the kids came over Friday afternoon and stayed till Sunday. We played hard while they were here and it is so fun to see how Brooke can really play so well with them. She calls Adelyn "Addy" and says Caden's name too. She LOVED having them here. She kept saying their names after they left.

Sunday afternoon we went over to our friends (Julie and Derrick's) house for a BBQ. The girls there and I get together every week with our kids and we try to all get together (with the hubbies) at least once a month or so.

Monday we went out on one of our neighbors boats and had a blast!! The lake was absolutely beautiful and the weather couldn't have been any better.
At the zoo on Saturday....
Look how cute they are!!

Caden in the big Jeep!
The playground at the's such an awesome area.. play stuff for the kids and rocking chairs for the adults!
Luke, Thomas, Melaina, and Brooke ... trying to get a picture of all of them together is ridiculous!

Brooke and Daddy on the boat! She was NOT liking the life jacket...

The boat was going fast and she was loving the wind!
If you click on this picture you'll see the mountains in the background and the 17th hole at one of the Cliff's golf courses. It was beautiful. Tiger Woods is building a course within this club.
Click on this picture and you'll see Scott jumping off the rock!! So fun!! He did it twice and loved it!
Brooke and Lexie on the boat. I know, Brooke's hair is all in her face....we are growing her bangs out and she wouldn't let me put anything in her hair to keep it back. I pick my battles sometimes. :)