Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy's Day!

We started out Father's Day giving Scott coffee and his favorite Cinnabuns (the ones you cook out of the can)! Delicious!  We scarfed those down and played/woke up for a little while and then headed up to Table Rock to go hiking and let the girls play in the creek.  The weather was beautiful today and was low 80's up in the mountains. Perfect!  The girls had a blast hiking up the trail (and then of course got tired and we had to carry them:).  After we got back we had a great dinner and met all of our neighborhood friends at the pool.  Our girls are so lucky to have such a caring and loving Daddy!! We love you babe!
 Presley getting ready to put her suit when we got there...
 Daddy and the girls at the 1st stop along the trail.
 They were so excited to be in the water.. it was FREEZING!

 Our gals:)
 Hiking up to the next stop!
 Me and my gals!
 About to go down a rock slide

 Sweet Presley!
Hmmm...what shall I get into next?????

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brooke's Dance Recital

Brooke had her big dance recital on Saturday, June 3rd.  She danced to the song "Sugar Sugar" and they were absolutely adorable!! It's always a fun night because they perform down at the Peace Center downtown and it makes for a great Saturday night! So proud of our girl!!

Candace doing her bun! This is becoming a tradition it!

All ready!

Presley had to join in too!! She wanted to put Brooke's outfit on so bad!


So proud of her!

Tired little one...Daddy's girl:)